Make It Happen Blueprint by Michelle McCullough Launches March 21, 2017

Things are getting really exciting over here!  My book launches March 21st, and I found it is already listed at, Barnes & and at Amazon.

I love what one reader, Lara Galloway, said about The Make It Happen Blueprint:

“Practice. Purpose. Persuasion. These are a few of the ingredients McCullough says all peak performers must include in order to be successful. But rather than simply prescribing a bunch of ideals that are easily dismissed as only available to star athletes, business gurus and celebrities, she presents the motivation and simple explanation how any of us can achieve them.

The chapter on Persuasion alone is worth the cost of the book. Make sure you clear your calendar while reading Make It Happen since you will likely be fired up and ready to jump into action. Not only does McCullough succinctly offer best practices for enhancing performance and productivity—she gives clear explanations about why they work and simple steps anyone can take to get things done. Inspiring quotes and helpful case studies make the lessons easy to relate to. A must for moms, entrepreneurs, business owners or anyone ready to move past excuses and get what they really want out of life.”   (You can read more about Lara Galloway at


I can’t wait for you to get your hands on a copy!

Stay tuned for details!  We’ll be having all kinds of fun leading up to the launch so keep checking back for more details!

Until then, Make It Happen!


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