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Here are some ready-to-go graphics and social posts that my book launch team created for you as you promote The Make It Happen Blueprint.

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Do you ever feel over-scheduled, tired and unhappy? Have you noticed there seems to be a group of people who catch all the breaks, accomplish more in a day, make more money in their business ventures, bounce back from trials faster, and always have their lives in order. Are they just lucky, or is there some sort of secret most of us are missing? They’re not just lucky and it’s not a secret! All it takes is the right mindset, the right tools and a willingness to work! My friend Michelle McCullough’s new book, “Make it Happen Blueprint” is coming out in 5 days. She shares with us the 18 habits of top performers. If you pre-order, like I did, she has an added bonus too! Go here and order today!

What do Stephen Covey, Jack Canfield, Brendon Burchard and Michelle McCullough have in common? They are all success experts who walk the walk. I love that Michelle is sharing her expertise in her new book, “Make it Happen Blueprint” that comes out next week. In addition to all the gems you get in the book, if you pre-order, she’s tossing in an added bonus! Go order today You won’t regret it!

Do you know the difference between your purpose and your message? Find out what it is in Michelle McCullough’s new book “Make It Happen Blueprint”! I’ve pre-ordered my copy – you should too!

I love, love, love Michelle McCullough’s insights and wisdom. She is an entertaining and engaging speaker and author and her new book, “Make It Happen Blueprint” does not disappoint. Get your copy here:

I’ve struggled at times with overwhelm but working with Michelle McCullough really helped me gain some clarity and implement systems that work for me. Her new book, “Make It Happen Blueprint,” shares the practices that made a difference in my life. Go ahead and order it – you won’t regret it!

As an entrepreneur and busy mom, I found myself falling into the four common time traps Michelle McCullough outlines in her new book “Make It Happen Blueprint.” Her ability to clearly explain both the problem and the solution, and do it with humor, helped me get out of those traps and be more productive than ever. Trust me. You want to buy this book.


Want to be a top performer with a fulfilling family life? Check out @speakmichelle’s book, #MakeItHappenBlueprint

Want to be a top performer with a fulfilling personal life? Check out Michelle’s new book #MakeItHappenBlueprint

#MakeItHappenBlueprint is my FAVORITE book on productivity and life balance! @speakmichelle did a masterful job

Mindset, tools & willingness to work @speakmichelle gives 18 keys to success in her new book #MakeItHappenBlueprint

Over-scheduled, tired or unhappy? Change that by following the steps in the #MakeItHappenBlueprint by @speakmichelle

Do top performers just get lucky? Or follow a formula? @speakmichelle’s book #MakeItHappenBlueprint has the answers!

Success expert @speakmichelle shares her expertise in her new book #MakeItHappenBlueprint out next week! Pre-order here:

I love @speakmichelle’s style & wit – an engaging speaker & author. Her new book #MakeItHappenBlueprint is a winner!

Success is not a destination – it’s a practice. Check out 18 of the best practices in #MakeItHappenBlueprint by @speakmichelle

You have the same amount of time as Michelangelo and Einstein. Learn how to maximize it in #MakeItHappenBlueprint by @speakmichelle


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