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Business Friends: I hear people complaining about the Instagram and Facebook algorithms and I have to jump in (Twitter is going that way, too. Sniff). Here’s the thing, I know that it stinks to work with a moving target, but focus your efforts on what you CAN control. All is not lost. I have hours worth to say about how to beat the algorithm but I’m going to offer some quick dos and don’ts as you try to navigate your social strategy for your business. (Video, call, event – something coming soon!)

1. Don’t stop what you’re doing and then adjust when the dust settles. The algorithm wants your content, KEEP POSTING. In fact, you can probably get away with posting a little more frequently because not everyone is seeing every post. On Facebook business pages you should be posting about 4 times a day. Previous to algorithm changes I was recommending 1-2 times on Instagram, now, we’re seeing businesses get away with 3-4 (sometimes more) per day.

2. Do keep giving quality content. Remember people come to social media for information and connection. Create and curate content that adds value and also that encourages interaction. The algorithm is based on INTERACTION on your posts. Likes/comments/shares are GOLD.

3. Do take a step back and look at how social media plays in a bigger marketing plan. Don’t put all of your eggs in a single social media outlet or ONLY in social media. Define a budget for the rest of the year, and perhaps consider paying to reach your current and new audiences through social media. While we wish it could always be free and lucrative the “pay to play” model isn’t all bad. It will weed out those who aren’t willing to pay for it, and you can target your audiences more effectively, but again, do it within a strategic marketing plan that really helps people move through the buying cycle.

4. Don’t forget…(If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times) your most important marketing job is to maintain a powerful home court advantage. When you’re playing on any social media outlet, you’re playing as a visitor. On Facebook, you’re a visitor. On Instagram, you’re a visitor. They own the power that comes from a home court and they can change the game at ANY time and THEY WILL. This isn’t the first change, it won’t be the last. So, focus on what you CAN control. You CAN control posting powerful content and you CAN control OWNING your own home court: your website, your email list and your retail location (if you have one). Get people to YOUR space and you’ll find that you are better able connect and convert anyway!

Happy Marketing!
– Michelle

P.S. If you DO want to listen to me talking about social media for hours, there’s a way! (LOL) go here:

Social Media Algorithms - Michelle McCullough

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