Your 2016 Marketing Strategy Needs This

When I was in college I competed in DEX, a marketing club for college students.  Every fall, we met with other colleges and universities from all over the state for a fall leadership conference.  One memorable conference was in beautiful Park City, Utah.  We attended classes on how to excel at competitive events, how to write better essays and there were also classes on surviving college, and working in marketing as a career.  On the final day, we had our culminating keynote.  They had hired a paid speaker to come and talk to us about business etiquette, with an emphasis about how to have business meals with bosses and clients.
She talked about everything from where to put your napkin if you need to leave the table (to the right of your plate) and when it’s appropriate to salt or pepper your food (after you’ve tasted it, of course).
As poor, starving, college students this portion of the conference was torture.  They had us listen to her BEFORE we had breakfast.  Our tummies were rumbling and we were ready to partake of the yummy breakfast buffet.
When she was finally done, we were excused table by table to the all-you-can-eat  feast.  I happen to love the “most important meal of the day” so I had filled my plate with eggs, pancakes, fruit and pastries.  Nearing the end of the table, I was pleased with my packed plate and dying to eat.
At the end of the table we’re a selection of juices.  Holding a plate in one hand, I wasn’t sure how I was going to pour and hold a cup.  As if my friend could see the conundrum I was processing she said, “You hold the cup and I’ll pour.”  Sounded like great teamwork to me!
As she began, I quickly worried that this was going to go south and there would be juice everywhere.  So I went to set my food down on the table in front of me so I could have both hands.  Only I didn’t set my plate far enough into the table and the weight of the goods fell down the front of me.  All over my pants and shoes and onto the floor.  My friends all saw this happen and I stood there frozen holding the cup trying to decide what to do next.
I CAREFULLY set my cup down on the table and bent down quickly to clean up the mess I made.  I put as much on the plate as quickly as I could but pesky egg pieces and fruit made the task a little intense. When I stood up all my friends were gone.  They had VANISHED and left me alone with my breakfast decorated pants.
Embarrassed and smelly, I ran to the bathroom to do what I could.  This was our last day, we had already checked out of our hotel, packed up and we were getting in the car and making the 6 hour trip home right after this meal.  Changing my clothes was not an option.  Quite frankly, that was the least of my worries.  I was beyond embarrassed and the fact that I was left at the scene by myself proved that I was a sight.
I’m happy to say that I got over this embarrassment and although my friends never apologized, I got a great story to tell you fine folks on a day like today.
As entrepreneurs and small business owners, the plates that we manage can be daunting.  Adding one more thing, even a small cup of juice (or social media outlet, or campaign) can send our previously perfectly laid plans crashing to the floor.
At this time next year, I want you to sit with your family during the holidays and think about all the things you were able to accomplish with your marketing strategy.  I want you to focus on all the good and enjoy the fruits of your labors!
But it starts with a plan.  It starts with a marketing strategy that you can see to the end, that you can execute without flaw and that you know will bring you great results.
“…but Michelle, I need THAT strategy.” You might be saying.
Enter the Marketing Blueprint Workshop.  Just last week I strategized with 74 other small business owners to create a killer marketing strategy.
And I want to do the same for you!  My simple step-by-step process will help you create an executable strategy that is both doable and effective.  Good news.  I recorded everything and Wednesday, December 9th, the videos will be LIVE and ready for you to watch on demand!
I want to see you through all the way to the end.  I want to help you create a strategy that allows you to successfully add a few things to your marketing “plate” without sacrificing what’s already working.  If you’re ready to grow your paycheck in 2016, I’m here to help…
Register here:
Please note that this incredibly discounted price gives you viewing rights through January 31, 2016.  It’s designed to help you create your 2016 marketing plan.  If you would like lifetime access to the Marketing Blueprint, the cost is $997.00

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