Hug Your Haters – Jay Baer Was Right, I Mean, Of Course He Was Right: Video by Michelle McCullough

Sometimes I do vlogs and sometimes I forget to upload and post them.  That said, this message is critical for any business.  DON’T BE AFRAID OF YOUR HATERS.

Sure, things happen.  Mistakes, legit problems, but find a solution and make your customer the king again.  And then they vlog about you.

Also, I’ve been following Jay Baer for a few years now.  I heard him speak last year at the National Speakers Association Convention in San Diego (I also had donuts that trip) and then I heard him this spring at Social Media Marketing World.  It was a pleasure to meet him in real life.  He was kind and genuine and I love that a little fame and marketing stardom hasn’t turned him aloof.  Some of my favorites have, and that’s a crying shame.

Hug Your Haters & Save The Gluten,



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