Possibilities & Inventions – Make It Happen Radio with Michelle McCullough & Guest Ryan Grepper

Make It Happen Episode

Today’s show is all about possibility.  How and why dreaming is an important part of peak performance and also how to turn those possibilities into reality.

Michelle will be interviewing a product visionary and inventor Ryan Grepper.  We’ll be talking about possibilities, inventions, building business the right way and also, don’t miss Ryan’s tips for a KILLER crowd funding campaign!



Ryan is part visionary, part mad scientist, and a passionate supporter of the DIY revolution. He’s the driving force behind The Coolest, and has been a full-time inventor and product developer since 2006, with multiple products successfully developed and licensed in several industries.

 He’s also committed to advocating for other inventors and helping them succeed. As Founder of Inventor’s Blueprint, an online video training program, Ryan helps inventors take their great ideas and turn them into products that sell.

 It’s Not All Work:

 Ryan loves nothing more than to get outdoors and play, because he’s originally from Helena, MT. In fact, whenever he’s not busy inventing cool things, he can usually be found on a mountain bike, a snowy slope, dangling from a hang glider—or getting tackled by his kids, who show no mercy.

If you’re looking for insights on how to bring your invention to fruition, check out Ryan’s resources at InventorsBlueprint.com

Check out his own invention The Coolest coolestkickstarter.com

If you have a product or service you are ready to market, check out Michelle’s Marketing Playbook: http://michelleontheair.com/marketingplaybook/

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