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Make It Happen Blueprint

Make It Happen Blueprint by Michelle McCullough

Make It Happen Blueprint is a powerful read on high  performance.  Learn:

  • How to set goals in a new way
  • How to keep your past mistakes from holding you back
  • How to build your power team and help others succeed as well
  • How to maintain positivity in a crazy world
  • How to raise high performers
  • and more!

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The Social Media Blueprint for Business

Social Media Blueprint With Michelle McCullough

The Social Media Blueprint for Business is a 4 disk self-study training (with companion digital videos online) where you will learn:

  • Purposes and benefits of different social media channels
  • Social media networks to use for your business
  • Create an actionable social media strategy
  • Schedule your updates and manage your time online
  • Grow your social following

Get both the physical and digital copies of the files for only $197!


The Life Balance Myth


The Life Balance Myth is a DVD self-study training (with companion audio) where you will learn:

  • Why life balance is a myth and how you can be driven by priorities
  • How to define the roles you pay and determine the amount of time needed in those roles.
  • How to give up your award as “Multi-tasker Of The Year” and still get a lot done
  • How to begin and end each day so that you have the energy and patience to manage your roles at home, at the office and with friends
  • How to evaluate your efforts and how to make the changes necessary to deepen your relationships and grow your paychecks
  • How to take ACTION each day and week for greater results

As an added bonus, you’ll also receive the PDF workbook emailed directly to you.


Marketing Mastery

Marketing Mastery is a four disk audio training program that will teach you:

  • How to define your target market and identify niche markets
  • What types of marketing messages are important for your business or industry & how and where to share those messages
  • How to select the advertising mediums that will bring you the best success for your marketing dollar
  • How to utilize social media (and how NOT to use social media) and determine your Return On Investment
  • How to ensure your marketing efforts are really making you money
  • How to create a simple marketing map that’s easy to execute

As an added bonus, you’ll also receive the PDF workbook emailed directly to you.


 How to Be A RockStar On Twitter

Learn how you can maximize your efforts on twitter to have better connections with customers, increase traffic to your site and have a loyal following, this training is for you.

In 38 minutes you’ll be able to understand a little more how Startup Princess grew from 1 follower to 25,000 followers in April 2011 to over 175,000 in June of 2012.

You’ll learn:

  • What to tweet about
  • How to grow a twitter following
  • Creating a community that watches your tweets and retweets to their audiences
  • Using twitter to drive traffic to your blog or site
  • Utilizing twitter chats to support and grow your brand
  • And more!


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