Introducing The Social Media Blueprint for Small Businesses

Are you ready to eliminate the mystery and overwhelm of using social media and take your business from social media clueless to social media confident? With this new Social Media Blueprint you'll learn how to master these online networks to grow your fan base and your business.

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Michelle McCullough

I didn't know everything when I first started using social media. However I quickly learned what the market responds to, and I grew the Startup Princess twitter following to 278,000 followers and it continues to grow by a 1,000 per week!

Michelle McCullough

There's Power in Social Media  To...

  • Grow Businesses Exponentially

  • Spread Trends Like Wildfire

  • Bring Products and Brands into the Limelight

  • And Catapult Conversations or Causes to the Forefront

Have you ever tried to use social media for your business? If so, did you wind up being overwhelmed about how and where to start, or frustrated with your results (or lack thereof)? Every business owner dreams of having their message “go viral” on social media, but most soon realize it’s rarely that simple.

Social media results don’t come without investing time and effort, but success can be within your reach.

Master strategist and marketing expert, Michelle McCullough, has designed a special program to show you how to effectively use social media for your small business.

It’s time to Make It Happen.

It's Simple...You Can No Longer Afford To
Social Media...

The Social Media Blueprint for Small Businesses will help you:

  • Understand the purposes and benefits of different social media channels

    Why are there so many social networks? Michelle will help you understand the differences between the major players.

  • Decide which social media networks to use for your business

    You’ll be able to determine where your customers are online, and where you should be focusing your social media efforts.

  • Create an actionable social media strategy

    Don’t fail to plan. Michelle will teach you how to set goals and create a strategy to add purpose to your posts.

  • Learn to schedule your updates and manage your time online

    With an action plan, you can avoid falling into the “social media time suck” pitfall and become an efficient social media user.

  • Grow your social following

    Your message is only effective if people see it. Learn how to increase your social network to get eyes on your content.

  • Develop social contests and campaigns

    Give your presence a boost when you discover the secrets to creating an effective specialty promotion.

Introducing the Simple System for Proven Success...

The Social Media Blueprint for Small Businesses is divided into four modules. Each one is designed to help you effectively break into the social media space and build a worthwhile community that nurtures your business.

  • Module 1: Deciding Where to Play Online

    Not sure where to start online? Michelle will guide you through the major social media networks and help you determine which spaces are best for you.

  • Module 2: The 2/2/15/15

    What to post, when to post it, and how to know if any of it is working—these are all key factors you’ll understand after listening to this section.

  • Module 3: How to Grow Your Following

    The success of content increases dramatically when you have more people viewing it. Learn how to bring more followers to each of your social channels.

  • Module 4: Creating Contests, Campaigns, and Ads

    Specialty promotions and ads can give your online presence a boost. Discover the tricks of the trade that will increase your exposure and energize your fan base.

Our Community Loves Our System Because It
Is So Simple To Use...

Many small business owners, just like you, have already benefited from the power of the Social Media Blueprint for Small Businesses.

Here’s what they had to say about their experience:

Tiffany Peterson

I am amazed at the amount of details and content shared in this course! Michelle McCullough has given me tips, steps, explained the social platforms, told me how to organize my content and how to schedule it. It has been worth double what I paid.

Tiffany Peterson, Wellness Coach
Marilyn Harris

Amazing Program Michelle. There is so much incredible information here. I am so glad I took this course and love that I can re-watch to make my notes clearer and to absorb the next concept

Marilyn Harris, My Beauty Code
Lisa Steadman

Michelle McCullough has an uncanny and quick ability to tune in to your message, and transform that into marketing strategies that get results. She's got a brilliant brain, a happy heart, and is a master at getting you into meaningful action. One Strategy Storm with Michelle will swirl up a host of new ideas, initiatives, and action steps that will forever change what's happening in your business. Amazing!

Lisa Steadman, CEO Standing O Radio Network Los Angeles

But Wait, There’s More...

When you order the Social Media Blueprint for Small Businesses, you’ll receive the tools to help you plan and grow a thriving online community, and when you order today, you’ll also receive these special, limited time bonuses.

  • Bonus #1: Access to the Private Google+ Community

    Find out what other small business owners are experiencing as they use and apply the things they’re learning. This collaborative community extends the classroom into a real world laboratory where you can share experiences, ask questions, and delve into additional resources.

  • Bonus #2: Discounts for Working with Michelle Privately

    Need a little one-on-one help or guidance? When you buy the Social Media Blueprint for Small Businesses, you’ll receive discounts to work with Michelle personally. She will bring extra knowledge and powerhouse direction to your social media efforts.

  • Bonus #3: Digital Access to The Marketing Playbook (a $147 value)

    You can integrate your social media strategy into your overall marketing plan when you combine the power of the Social Media Blueprint for Small Businesses with this guide to develop and up-level your marketing efforts.

We've Succeeded and So Can You...

I haven't wanted to venture into more social media because it takes up so much time, but I am encouraged to do it in a way that is strategized and scheduled so it will probably be less time consuming.

Becky Rogers
Becky Rogers Body Talk Solutions

Michelle knows strategy.  She has incisive insight into business models, and in minutes can brainstorm a dynamic, game-changing plan for your brand.  Imagine what she can do in a whole session!!! She did it for me - and it has made all the difference.

Francesca Escoto
Francesca Escoto Author Creator of Latina Startup Tour

I loved you breaking down the social media monster into chunks that are easier to swallow.  So many posts seemed overwhelming until you state how to plan, create and nurture them!

Erin Mathie
Erin Mathie Academic Advancement

Michelle McCullough helped me DOUBLE my Twitter following within 30 days! Her proven strategies are a sure way to create a stronger social media presence, which is key in getting your message & marketing out to more people. I am grateful to have had her help!

Tiffany Peterson
Tiffany Peterson The Lighthouse Principles

Full 100% Money Back Guarantee...

For some of you, Social Media marketing is a new venture. For others of you, it’s already part of your marketing map. Wherever you are on your social media journey, I hope you’ll take advantage of the over 100 tips included in this program.

I feel so confident that you’re going to find value in this program that I’m offering a 100% money back guarantee. Simply ship back the CD set within 30 days of purchase, and we’ll happily refund your money.

The Social Media Blueprint For Small Businesses
The Simple System To Social Media Management

Sara Dibba Sara Dibba, Jamberry Nails Consultant

This was so amazing and exactly what I was looking for! Thank you!

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  • Bonus 1 - Access to the Private Google+ Community
  • Bonus 2 - Discounts for Working With Me Privately
  • Bonus 3 - Digital Access to The Marketing Playbook ($147 value)
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-icon Is Social Media just a fad? Can’t I spend my efforts and money elsewhere?

    First of all, social media is NOT a fad. It’s estimated that within 5 years 3 BILLION people will be engaging online through social media. Do you want to miss that opportunity to reach those masses? Sure, you can spend money elsewhere! in fact, I recommend that you diversify your marketing budget and don’t put all of your eggs in one basket. Balance your efforts online or offline.

  • q-iconI’ve been trying to use social media for my business, but it just doesn’t work for me. How is this any different than what I’ve already done?

    This social media blueprint has worked for a variety of businesses, in a variety of industries, in a variety of sizes. Whether you are just beginning or need to wake up dormant pages, these simple strategies can help you marketing online!

  • q-iconI know Social Media is important, but I don’t know what to say. Will this program tell me what to post?

    YES! In module 2, I’ll share the four different types of social media status updates, and tell you when to post them!

  • q-iconI post a lot, but I don’t have very many followers. Can you teach me how to get more followers on twitter or likes on Facebook?

    YES! In module 3 I share over 50 tips for growing your following across any social platform including, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIN, Pinterest and Google+. Though I don’t share tips beyond what I call the “top 6” outlets, the same principles apply to other outlets as well!

  • q-iconWhat if I want to listen to the audios on my phone or device?

    Great! You have access to the audio downloads as well. No need to rip the CDs, just go to the link provided with your CD set and it will give you that option.

Melissa Bamfo

Michelle, this was FANTASTIC! Strategically planning my social media has been something I’ve been meaning to tackle, but you made this a pill I can swallow.  Thank you!

Melissa Bamfo Business Made Simple
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