Social Media Best Practices for Business

Tech Talk Segment on KSL 5 Browser 5.0 (NBC Affiliate)

It’s hard to dive into to Social Media for Business when you only have 4 minutes, but for this news segment I shared the MEAT of social media: content.

Watch it here:

Thanks for having me, KSL!

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Online Marketing Lessons from Brendon Burchard

Why I Own 4 Copies of His Book


Is the book that good?

I was introduced to Brendon Burchard when The Millionaire Messenger first came out – before it was a New York Times Best Seller. I bought his book through his site during his launch period.

A little bit later, he offered the book on Kindle, and I bought it electronically because he offered an AMAZING bonus I couldn’t say no to. I HAD ALREADY READ THE BOOK!

THEN, a little bit later, he sent another email telling people to buy his book on Audio CD and if you did, you’d get ANOTHER four part video series from him. So I bought the Audio CD. I’ve actually listened to it many times in my car, even though I had already read the printed version.

Then I got the physical paperback book one more time when I was part of a mastermind with Brendon Burchard himself. There’s a great marketing lesson in here.

Yep, I’m a sucker. In my defense, his offers were GOOD – worth it. I share this example when I speak on marketing as a great example about bonus offers and I often joke that Brendon should just put the subject line on all of his emails: “Get out your credit cards, suckers!” because I’ve been to 4 of his live events, purchased many of his digital programs, bought ALL of his books (MULTIPLE TIMES), and attended a small group high ticket mastermind with him in Portland.

 Smart guy.

Truth be told I enlisted the help of a friend (the smart and awesome Tiffany Peterson) to keep me from buying any more Brendon Burchard. I told her I needed a sponsor – I was an addict. I asked if I could call her before I made any more BB purchases and she agreed to do me this service and hide my credit cards. When I called to tell her about the small group mastermind, she didn’t talk me out of it she said, “Sign me up – and you sign up, too!” Ha! She did NOT save me any money, but we DID have an awesome experience. No regrets.

I’ve learned a lot from Brendon over the years, and I’ve had the opportunity to implement many of his teachings. This month during my book launch I implemented many of his tips. They were successful, too because I was on the Hot New Releases list for 4 weeks! (During launch week I was #4 only beat by 3 different versions of Tony Robbin’s recent release “Unstoppable”. He truly was unstoppable. Ha!)

Like Brendon I launched my book with some bonuses, and many took advantage of the offer. Like Brendon, I offered different bonuses at different times to get people to purchase the book.


I wrote my book so people will read it. I want to get it into as many hands as I possibly can. I want people to enjoy it and find something in the book that will help them achieve the goals and dreams they have in their heads.

I also know people are busy and they already have a stack of books on their nightstand (please tell me I’m not the only one) competing for their precious reading time. So I needed to overcome that objection.

It worked.

The bonus periods made my book an Amazon Best Seller even before launch day. 🎉

And “Make It Happen Blueprint” stayed on the Amazon Hot New Releases for the entire 30 days possible.

I’ll take that as a win.

I know this is just the beginning.  I want my book to exist long past the launch period.

What other lessons can you learn from this?

#1 You don’t always have to discount to get people to buy. Figure out how to add value to the equation.

#2 Brendon is a machine but he’s built a loyal following by adding value above and beyond his bonuses. I knew his courses were going to be good because he did a good job of advertising exactly how he could help me. I also enjoyed his videos, emails and blog posts and wanted more because they were good.

#3 It’s good to know what will hold people back from saying yes. Think through all the possible objections and overcome them before the customer even has a chance to voice them.

#4 If you have something good, don’t be afraid to share it with the world. Nothing has ever felt more vulnerable than writing down my thoughts and publishing thousands of copies so people could read them. While I’m thrilled with the success my book has had to this point it wasn’t without hours of doubt.  Good things push you past your comfort zone.

If you want to see how I structured my latest book bonus you can see it here: get my book.


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Dust off the Super Hero Cape, Ladies! It’s your time!

You are living in a revolution. Women business owners are taking OVER!

According to the 2016 State of Women Owned Businesses Report (link)

“As of 2016, it is estimated that there are now 11.3 million (11,313,900) women-owned businesses in the United States, employing nearly 9 million people (8,976,100) and generating over $1.6 trillion ($1,622,763,800,000) in revenues. “

  • The number of women owned firms is up by 45%
  • Our revenues have increased by 35% (higher than the national average)
  • AND the number of firms owned by women of color is up by 45%

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It’s a Bumpy Ride… Staying Motivated In Business (And Life!)

its-a-bumpy-ride-staying-motivated-in-business-and-lifeI am blogging on behalf of Visa Business and received compensation for my time from Visa for sharing my views in this post, but the views expressed here are solely mine, not Visa’s. Visit to take a look at the reinvented Facebook Page: Well Sourced by Visa Business. The Page serves as a space where small business owners can access educational resources, read success stories from other business owners, engage with peers, and find tips to help businesses run more efficiently. Every month, the Page will introduce a new theme that will focus on a topic important to a small business owner’s success. For additional tips and advice, and information about Visa’s small business solutions, follow @VisaSmallBiz and visit

It’s February, which means many of us have given up on our personal New Year’s Resolutions.  Quite frankly, that’s okay with me.  New Year’s Resolutions don’t always work.  What does work is good goal planning and creating success rituals that will keep you on track to achieve your goals.

Starting a business and STAYING in business are two very different things.  The ebbs and flows of monthly sales and profit charts can often determine our happiness level.  I’ve seen entrepreneurs who are so committed to their business (which is a good thing) that they start to burn the candle at both ends.  They sacrifice self-care, sleep, relationships and interests (which is a bad thing).  It ultimately ends in burnout and a business that is running into the ground -because you are.

To avoid this roller coaster ride, here are four tips that I use in my business to stay motivated, even when things are rough.  (Though I’m writing this with a business slant, these tips work for your personal goals, too!)

  1. Start with your why – Why did you go into business in the first place?  What about your business are you passionate about?  What does your business provide for you (and your family)?  Take a few minutes to go deep and get real about what your business means to you.  Once you land at the place that feels right and you get that motivation back, write your ‘why’ on a 3 x 5 card and post it in a place where you’ll see it on a regular basis.  When I was in the middle of a transition with my businesses, this is just what my coach ordered.  Getting clear and then writing it down so that I could remember it in dark times has been valuable.  I hope it’s valuable for you, too.

There’s a chance that through this process, you’ll find out that the passion you once had for your business is not there anymore.  Try as you might, it may be difficult to get re-motivated.  Make sure you’re not making a quick decision and that you’ve thought through every possible avenue.  If after doing that you feel like it’s time to let the business go, honestly, that’s okay.  Brainstorm or get help with your exit strategy.  Can your business be sold in one piece or in parts? Are there debts or loose ends that need to be tied up? Do you just need to walk away?  Again, getting some consulting advice in this department can help you finish up without leaving you vulnerable.

  1. Write down your goals – Once your ‘why’ is in place, write down your goals for your business.  Do you have a sales goal?  Do you have a growth goal?  Do you have goals to hire employees in a specific department?  I encourage my clients to create three-month goals, twelve-month goals and five-year goals.  Three-month goals help you think short term results and the fastest path to cash.  Twelve-month goals help you think realistically about the year ahead and that some things will take growth and time.  Five-year goals help you with futuristic thinking and help you think through the big picture of business growth.  The key is to write them down; don’t just think about them.  If you have a staff, share your goals with them, and assign projects and tasks that will get them involved in the success of the business.  Create milestones and even a rewards program for those who embrace the goals of the business and contribute.
  2. Break down your goals into daily, weekly & monthly action items – Once you’ve determined the big picture on your goals, the key is to create regular and routine practices that bring your goals to fruition on a regular basis.  For example, marketing is not a project that gets checked off of a to-do list.  Marketing is a series of regular actions that keep your pipeline flowing week after week.  What daily, weekly and monthly activities will help you keep marketing at the forefront of your mind and bring you the results you deserve in your business?   This is where planning and productivity intersect.  It’s one of my favorite subjects and the basis for my book, “Make It Happen.”  Remember that Success = Vision + Action.  If you want your goals to come to fruition, you’ve got to make it happen!
  3. Stay Positive – It sounds woo-woo, but positivity really is powerful in goal achievement and motivation.  If you need help in this department, take a minute at the end of each day and celebrate the wins of the day either by yourself or with your team.  Start with what’s working, instead of dwelling on what’s not.  Put motivational and success quotes around your office to keep you on track.  Get support from an accountability partner or coach that can help you keep your eye on the prize.  Keep negative comments and self-talk in check. If you catch yourself being negative, replace those comments with statements that are more positive.  Simple efforts in happiness and motivation bring great results.  Give it a try.

I’d love to hear your tips: What are your favorite tips for staying motivated when you hit a dip in your business?

Originally Published on on February 20, 2014

Make It Happen Blueprint – Amazon Best seller!

Make It Happen Blueprint Bestseller

I didn’t celebrate this here and I need to…

That day I was on the best seller list with Tony Robbins and Mel Robbins (in one of the toughest categories on Amazon).  Truth be told my paperback beat Tony’s paperback, he could only beat me with his audible, kindle and hardback. 😉

Long term, my book stayed on the Hot New Releases list for 4 weeks and I celebrate and honor every day.

Like any big project, this is a team effort that is far from over.  I’m grateful for the crowds of people who helped me Make It Happen.

  • Michelle

Evaluate FIRST, Plan Second – Success Tips For Annual Business Planning

evaluate-first-plan-second-success-tips-for-annual-business-planningI am blogging on behalf of Visa Business and received compensation for my time from Visa for sharing my views in this post, but the views expressed here are solely mine, not Visa’s. Visit to take a look at the reinvented Facebook Page: Well Sourced by Visa Business. The Page serves as a space where small business owners can access educational resources, read success stories from other business owners, engage with peers, and find tips to help businesses run more efficiently. Every month, the Page will introduce a new theme that will focus on a topic important to a small business owner’s success. For additional tips and advice, and information about Visa’s small business solutions, follow @VisaSmallBiz and visit

Did you have a successful and profitable year? I hope you’re celebrating!

Did you miss the mark on some of your business and financial goals?  I hope you’re NOT in a depressive state and that instead you’re using this time to evaluate what didn’t work so you can make the necessary course corrections.


Whether you’ve reached your goals and are having a well-deserved celebration, or if you feel you came up short, the beauty of life is that tomorrow comes again, and so will the coming year.

Whether you’re celebrating, or learning from a rocky year, new plans for 2014 are needed.

NOW is the best time to evaluate.  I know it can be a busy time, but waiting until “after the holidays” will put you behind.


Take some time to review both your personal life and your business.  For this conversation today, we’re going to talk about the five hats that you wear as an entrepreneur:






For each of the five categories, ask yourself three powerful questions:

What worked in 2013?

What didn’t work in 2013?

What needs to change for 2014?

The beauty of a new year is an opportunity to re-evaluate.  Once we know what we want to duplicate and do again, AND what doesn’t work that you can let go of – THAT is something to celebrate.  Entrepreneurship is one of the best stages for learning.


Once you’ve done your evaluating, it’s time for a new plan.  If you hate the word ‘plan,’ like some of my clients do, create a MAP – a simple guide that will help you chart a new course in your business.

I use the same 5 Time Categories that we evaluated above.  Sit down with your laptop or a good old fashioned pen and paper and answer the following questions:

What do you need to CREATE in the new year?  Do you need to add new products or services to your portfolio?  If so, how many and when will you launch them?

What does your MARKETING strategy look like in 2014?  Review different mediums and make a plan for the whole year.  I know that some things will change or be added over the course of the coming months, but commit to being proactive in your promotion goals.  What mediums will you use?  Do your headlines and messages need to change?

Is there anything that needs to change in your FULFILLING process?  Do you need to change shipping suppliers or systems?  If you’re in a service-based business, do you need to change the way you meet or interact with your clients to fulfill contracts?

If you have employees, what needs to change in terms of how you MANAGE them? Do they need 1-on-1 meetings with you once a week to keep up with goals and to-do lists?  What new positions do you need to have in your business?

Even if you’re a solo-entrepreneur, I recommend that you use part-time virtual assistants on a temporary or permanent basis.  There are plenty of tasks that need to be delegated our outsourced so that you can be focusing on revenue-generating activities.  What plan can you put in place to hire your first employee or contractor?

Finally, what do you need to LEARN in the next 12 months?  What aspects of your business or your industry are you a little rusty on?  Are there association events you need to plan to attend and get on the calendar?   Keeping fresh is such a critical part of business longevity.

Remember, my equation for success is Success = VISION + ACTION.  First you need to visualize what you want for 2014, then you need to take the steps to make it happen!  A good plan includes GOALS and the ACTIONS you’ll take to reach them.

I carved out four hours this week to do this for my business.  I’ll spend about an hour on evaluation (I love to geek out with some white boards and post-it note easel pads) and then I’ll sit and strategize on how to create a banner year.   (If you want to see some of the images and another easy planning process from my planning meeting go here.)

Join me?

Originally Published on on December 18, 2013