Regret Feels Worse Than Failure

Why I Wrote The Make It Happen Blueprint

Success is not a destination, it’s a practice. Are you practicing at staying the same or are you practicing at progress? Sometimes we let fear hold us back from what we really want, but the truth is regret feels worse than failure. At least you can learn from failure and try again. When you look back a year from now will you wish you had actually done the things that you said you wanted to do? Missed opportunities and wasted time feel much worse – nothing can be changed because you didn’t take the chance. Sure going outside your comfort zone, expanding your vision and your business takes work and pushing past fear, but you can do it! Make it happen!


What are you putting off out of fear?


The Make It Happen Blueprint by Michelle McCullough is available for pre-order at, and  Release date March 21, 2017.

Make It Happen Blueprint by Michelle McCullough Launches March 21, 2017

Things are getting really exciting over here!  My book launches March 21st, and I found it is already listed at, Barnes & and at Amazon.

I love what one reader, Lara Galloway, said about The Make It Happen Blueprint:

“Practice. Purpose. Persuasion. These are a few of the ingredients McCullough says all peak performers must include in order to be successful. But rather than simply prescribing a bunch of ideals that are easily dismissed as only available to star athletes, business gurus and celebrities, she presents the motivation and simple explanation how any of us can achieve them.

The chapter on Persuasion alone is worth the cost of the book. Make sure you clear your calendar while reading Make It Happen since you will likely be fired up and ready to jump into action. Not only does McCullough succinctly offer best practices for enhancing performance and productivity—she gives clear explanations about why they work and simple steps anyone can take to get things done. Inspiring quotes and helpful case studies make the lessons easy to relate to. A must for moms, entrepreneurs, business owners or anyone ready to move past excuses and get what they really want out of life.”   (You can read more about Lara Galloway at


I can’t wait for you to get your hands on a copy!

Stay tuned for details!  We’ll be having all kinds of fun leading up to the launch so keep checking back for more details!

Until then, Make It Happen!


The Most Important Gift You Get to Use Each Day

Every day you have one POWERFUL thing in your control column.
Even if things go wrong at home, at work or on the road.
Even if things feel strained with your family or friends.
Even if you’re having a rough day.
Even if you’re struggling financially or have an abundance of wealth.
Even if you work for yourself or work for someone else or don’t work at all.
Whether you’re a stay at home mom or a full time wage earner.
Even if you grew up in poverty or in a mansion on the hill.

You have the gift of choice.

You can choose how to respond to strangers and loved ones if they challenge you.
You can choose how you show up on social media for good.
You can choose to invest your time wisely in your dreams or squander it away with major and minor distractions.
You can choose to focus.
You can choose how you spend your time.
You can choose to OWN how you spend your time. 😉
You can choose to invest in yourself and others..
You can choose to be kind.
You can choose to be happy.
You can choose to help others.

You will always have the gift to choose.

When I was freshly out of a quickly failed marriage I remember my wise therapist constantly asking me, “Is that in your control column or no control column?” She reminded me that many times I CHOOSE to spend time worrying about things completely out of my control, while the things I CAN control go without attention.

Again, a choice.

Now, this little tool helps me on a regular basis. Even if something goes wrong in my business, I can choose to scrap it, try again or go a different direction. Even if I choose to yell at my kids and not have enough patience. I can worry about what I did and fret over the yelling, but it won’t make it unhappen. What I CAN do is choose to apologize and make stronger efforts to try again. Even if my husband and I have a disagreement, I can choose to put a wedge up and wait until he tears down the wall or I can make the initiative to make things right in our relationship again. My choice.

Too often we wait for others to make their choices before we make our own. It’s the fastest way to LOSE power and ownership in our own lives. Choose to be the first one to help, to apologize, to smile, to say something kind, to NOT say something ;), to turn the other cheek, to reach out, don’t give up this power and put it in the control of others.

Each day is made up of a series of choices.

May you feel empowered in your forks in the road and may you find that each day you choose powerfully those things in your control.

Make It Happen!


Why YOUR Happiness Matters

Wise words from one of my favorites, Danielle LaPorte

16427538_2224144471143976_7919249568650429510_nWhile I was writing my book “The Make It Happen Blueprint” (releases March 21, 2017) I was re-listening to a radio interview I had with Danielle LaPorte about her insightful book, “The Desire Map”. I remembered something she had said about happiness and wanted to include it in my book. What she said knocked me off my feet so I did a little quick transcription to capture and share with more people who may need these works.

She shared how feelings really are the “start and the heart of the matter”.

She went on to say something incredibly powerful, “You being happy and in a state of joy is the best way you can be of service to the rest of us. When you vibrate in that way, when your frequency is about joy, you are kinder, your brain is firing ‘mo better’, you’re more fun to be around, you’re infinitely more productive and you’re going to be more helpful and generous. So get happy and you will serve humanity.”

Powerful. THAT to me sounds like rising above whatever challenges that have been holding you back from being happy. THAT sounds like peak performance.

In that same interview, I asked Danielle, “What would you say to those people who say, ‘I can’t possibly be happy right now, you have no idea what I’m going through’?”

Her response was poignant and deep. Danielle said, “I feel for you. I get it. Maybe you can’t be happy right now, but the thing you can do right now is that you can start to believe that your happiness is worth it and valuable. That it’s actually a priority. That you deserve it. Then you can start to consider how you want to feel. You may be feeling taxed and overburdened and there are rough things happening and finances, parents, kids, illness… How would you rather feel? Don’t worry about getting out of your circumstances, don’t worry about solving it. Just get in the state where you can say, “I would prefer to feel energetic.” “I would prefer to feel calm.” And then what is one thing you can do tomorrow to feel that way?”

I love it. Don’t like your current happiness level? Change it. Think about how you would rather feel, and do something that will help you feel that way.

Make It Happen! – Michelle

(If you missed this show and want to hear the other nuggets she shared, listen here.)

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Four Ways to Help Friends Reach Their Goals

Success Series Segment #4 - Fox 13 TV

Success coach Michelle McCullough shares how you can help your friends stay on track and be successful.

    1. Ask the right questions up front.
    2. Follow up at their approved intervals.
    3. Help them get a strong reason to stay committed.
    4. Encourage and Enforce. Be an awesome cheerleader when they fall off the wagon to help them get back up, but enforce consequences and rewards for greatest results.

Four Ways to Help Friends Reach Their Goals

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People are Currency

IMG_1121It’s interesting to me how this comes up over and over again for my clients. While it takes a certain amount of confidence to accomplish your goals, cockiness will always come back to bite you. You can’t be selective with your kindness. You can’t be nice to your family and terrible to cashiers or the wait staff. You can’t be nice to your boss and look down on a stranger begging on the street. Success won’t happen if you stack rank yourself among the people around you.
Success happens when you not only realize that everyone can make or break your future because sometimes it takes a stranger to knock you out of your funk so you can become who you were meant to be. Be kinder, look people in the eye, give them the benefit of the doubt, be someone else’s chance to expect more. Then you’ll remember all the people in your past that made it possible for you to achieve today. We’re all in this together, folks, and you’ll never succeed by sacrificing a soul and leaving them in your wake

Book Review: Year of Yes

Year of YesAuthor: Shonda Rhimes (writer of Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice & How to Get Away With Murder)
Medium: Listened on Audible (which I highly recommend. It’s read by the author. And I listened on 1.5 speed and got through in a Jif!)
Recommended by (and then lovingly pestered by): Tiffany Peterson

Thoughts: This is the first book I have actually started and finished in 2 weeks in a long time. I have about 40 half consumed books on my nightstand, in my kindle app and on my audible. But I finished this one. While MY problem is that I should probably say “NO” more, what is magical about this book is the way she tells stories. I think all of my speaker friends should read this book (listening to this book is actually better) so you can see how she craft stories, uses track backs, and invites you in a very, very real way. Also, in full disclosure there is language in this book.

What I liked is that she’s real. She’s vulnerable and unlike other “Year of” books, she doesn’t go in chronological order, she just shares the things she learned. I liked that approach.

Sidenote: This is where we’re going to get a little dramatic. Back in the mid 2000’s when personal blogging took the world by storm, I was a very late adopter. Busy with the career, then a baby I enjoyed reading other people’s but was nervous to do one of my own. I wanted it to be a little different, and so I wouldn’t start until I had a good idea. One night in 2008 while lying in bed after watching an episode of Grey’s Anatomy, I realized that all the show titles were actually songs. One of the things I loved about the show was the soundtrack. That’s when I started blogging. With my first post called “Even The Nights Are Better” and I talked about having my baby boy and that I wouldn’t trade sleepless nights for anything. My blog was called “The Best of Times” and I subtitled it “Our Family Soundtrack”. Listening to this book and how she loves music and dancing reminded me that Shonda Rhimes got me blogging. So there’s a useless bit of trivia for you. Speaking of things my ears can’t handle, I stopped watching Grey’s about the same time Private Practice started. But I’ve always appreciated her craft and I keep up by reading show synopsis because Shonda really does “lay track” masterfully on the air and in print.

The 3 Questions Exercise – Goal Setting

Here’s a powerful activity that I did at the beginning of the year. My goals were feeling a little flat this week and needed to be ignited so I pulled this out and looked at it again and made some adjustments.
Whether your goals are rock solid or they could use a refresh, try this activity and see if you feel a new life in your purpose.
Join me? I love the 3 questions:
What worked?
What didn’t work?
What needs to change?
Here’s a simple way to do this for yourself. What’s on your KEEP list?
What’s on your LET GO list?
What’s on your MAKE IT HAPPEN list?
Let’s finish 2016 strong!
If you love tools like this, you’ll LOVE the Make It Happen Toolkit! Get it here (FREE):
The 3 Questions Exercise - Goal Setting

4 Steps to Becoming A Professional Power Napper

With Arianna Huffington’s book The Sleep Revolution taking over the world (including JetBlue terminals, cards in Marriott Hotels, and countless appearances), I’ve been thinking a lot about my sleep routines, but I’ve also been thinking about Huffington’s hustle (perhaps that could be the title of her next book: Huffington’s Hustle).  This gal knows how to sell a book.  All the hard work paid off, of course, Huffington rightfully found her place on the New York Times Bestseller list (again).

This card was on my bed in a recent trip. Three quarters of me thinks this is a brilliant cross promotion tactic between Marriott Hotels & Arianna Huffington with her book The Sleep Revolution.  One quarter of me is jealous that it's not my book on the bed of every Marriott Hotel. ;)

This card was on my bed in a recent trip. Three quarters of me thinks this is a brilliant cross promotion tactic between Marriott Hotels & Arianna Huffington with her book The Sleep Revolution. One quarter of me is jealous that it’s not my book on the bed of every Marriott Hotel. ;)

For many years I have shared sleep to be one of my favorite success tips. My body is the vehicle to my dreams, and I need to fuel it and care for it. Many years I got by on 6 hours of sleep a night – I can’t do that anymore.  I crave 7-8, but my secret really isn’t a good night’s sleep.  My secret is power naps.

This all started back in 2005 when I was working for then Novell (now MicroFocus) in Provo, Utah.  It was my first big corporate job, I had only worked for small businesses up to this point.  It was also the first time there were beds in “quiet rooms”.  Surprised that my company welcomed the occasional nap (during breaks and lunches, of course), I decided to give it whirl. It took a bit to find comfort on disposable pillow cases, but I soon found my ideal power nap formula.

Michelle McCullough on Sleep

  1. 1. Hair Prep – To avoid flat hair, lift your hair up one inch below the crown. (This also works on airplanes, and taking a power nap in a chair or recliner.) I love being able to go back to my desk and my hair doesn’t share where I’ve been for 33 minutes.  (Gentlemen, count your lucky hairs that you can skip to number 2.)
  2. Set The Alarm – The magic number for a nap really is 30 minutes, so I would give myself 33 minutes.  3 minutes to fall asleep and 30 minutes to actually sleep.
  3. Dark – Sleep in a dark room.  If there is light pollution, find something to put on your eyes.  I don’t put eye masks over my hair (see number one), but a small washcloth or piece of fabric will do.  If you’re blessed to have a health room in your building, keep one in your desk.  At home, I use an old infant bib and it’s perfect!
  4. Listen To Your Body – Consider that if you need frequent naps, you may need to find out what else your body needs.  Do you need better nutrition?  Is your body trying to sleep off fast food or too much sugar?  Do you need more exercise? Even a 30 minute walk can be just as rejuvenating as a nap, and it helps brain function and energy. Don’t get me wrong, sleep for the win, but there are other things that you can and should do for optimal body health and vitality.

As an entrepreneur with a home office (and when I travel to speak, my office is an airplane, or a hotel room or a conference room…) naps are easier than even my corporate days. You can see some pictures snapped of me sleeping on planes, and even in the middle of an event.  In March of this year, I was part of the World Hopecast.  We broadcasted LIVE for 60 hours straight.  I has shifts in the middle of the night and during the day, and MULTIPLE power naps were needed during the day to keep me going.

This is how I survived the World Hopecast. Naps in my business clothes!

This is how I survived the World Hopecast. Naps in my business clothes!

If nothing else, I’m glad that Huffington has started a conversation that I think every successful peak performer needs to remember: it’s not about who can go the longest on the least amount of sleep, and what you can get done before you crash into bed. It matters that you get the sleep that you need for your body and your brain to operate at it’s prime.

Whether you need a full Sleep Revolution or simply a sleep adjustment I hope that you’ll consider how new sleep habits and patterns will help you fuel your amazing body as a way to accomplish your goals and dreams.

Naps work on airplane's too!

Naps work on airplane’s too!

If you like this tip, I’m full of more! Check out the Make It Happen Toolkit here.

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Don't Look Back, You're Not Going That Way

Some days it’s easy to sit and catalogue all of my faults and all of my mistakes. If I allow my brain to go down the path, I can get myself in a dither. It happened last week. A rough day led to a pity party and a my weaknesses having a dance off in my head. It was so bad I couldn’t sleep.

Here’s what I believe. I believe we’re all human and making mistakes and having weaknesses is part of this human experience. They can teach us amazing things. And while I know they are a part of life, part of the journey is putting them in their place and not letting them hold you back. Learn and grow. Don’t dwell.

The very next day, after my long sleepless night I received this in the mail from my friend Melanie. One of the brilliant minds behind Hip to Home. How timely.

Our past can teach us, but we can’t move forward if we dwell there.

To the future.

Don't look back Hip To Home