4 Tips To Be A Better Boss

Q&A with Michelle McCullough



I had the opportunity to go on KSL Brower 5.0  this week and discuss 4 tips to be a better boss.

A study done by Gallop showed that 75% of people have left a job because of a boss and not because of the job itself or even their paycheck.  Below is a Q&A with Michelle about how to be a better boss.

Question: Can we really narrow it down to only four things? What would you say is number one?

Michelle: It will be tough, I conducted a little survey of my own on social media yesterday, but there were three main categories of boss pet peeves. First, train people well, then trust them to get the job done. There can be course correction along the way, but micromanagement was at the top of the list of boss pet peeves. Allow people some freedom to complete tasks and projects in their own way. At my peak I managed a team of 50 in 4 different departments. I didn’t have TIME to micromanage, but I had many managers who did. Focus on what needs to be done, not HOW.

Question: Management has changed over the years, how can a boss earn loyalty from an employee?

Michelle: It’s true, management has changed over the years. Even 20 years ago when I was studying business management in college we read articles and textbooks about managing people like a director and a cast of actors, but over the last 15 years there’s been a shift to leadership, making sure that you were someone worth following. In this day and age leadership isn’t enough. Collaboration is the wave of the future, so collaborate don’t dictate. Involve your team as MUCH as possible. Help them idea generate solutions problems and challenges. LISTEN and then listen some more. Explore ways that you can lead the individual and not the team as a whole and you’ll find loyalty from your people.

Question: There seems to be a focus now on building culture to help people stay in an organization, how much of that does the boss need to champion.

Michelle: Culture is a HUGE corporate conversation today. But one thing employees crave the most is just honoring time and roles. Flexible time off is highly valued, not just from the millennial generation, but from everyone. If you offer time off, don’t discourage people from using it. ENCOURAGE and honor that time people spend away. Studies show people come back more committed, and they want to be championed in their other roles. Part of this conversation that is HUGE though is not texting, calling or emailing excessively while people are gone. Let them be truly “away” so it looks like you care about them. This is also importantly simply for after hours time. Allow parents time with their kids. Allow kids time with aging parents.

Question: Final question, it seems like employees are looking for more than a paycheck, what can a boss do when there is no more money to “keep” an employee.

Michelle: Many responders in my unofficial survey said appreciation was just as important to them if not more than the money they make. Public appreciation in front of peers and colleagues is especially appreciated. But take it up a notch…figure out how each employee loves to be appreciated. You’ll find that not only do they enjoy the praise, but they’ll work harder for you. Praise works above and below their paygrade. Make sure they get credit for the work they do!

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WHY Lady Gaga CRUSHED IT During the Oscars 2015 and Why It Should Matter to You

I haven’t seen the Oscars yet.  As an avid movie goer, I’m embarrassed to admit that I haven’t even looked up the winners.  However, after oodles of social media posts, I finally Googled “Lady Gaga Oscars 2015” and like everyone else I was BLOWN AWAY.

Immediately, I realized why this is such a powerful display and a few things we can ALL learn from Sunday night’s performance. (If you haven’t seen it click the picture to see the full official video.)

Lady Gaga's Stunning Oscar Performance 2015

Lady Gaga’s Stunning Oscar Performance 2015

Most importantly, it’s okay (and AWESOME) to show a different, authentic side of yourself.  After hosting my radio show Make It Happen for over a year, I had the opportunity to meet with a listener.  During our candid conversation and visit she said, “I had no idea you were funny!” I didn’t know if I should be offended or to laugh, but it was a very interesting insight.  She was an avid listener of my show and went on to say that she had gleaned a lot of great information, yet, she wondered why I didn’t share more of my personal, humorous side.  If I’m being candid, that awareness led me to uncover a deep rooted fear that I couldn’t be professional AND funny.  In an effort have people take me seriously, I let go of a piece of me that is an important part of who I am.  I still struggle with this from time to time, but every time I share an appropriate personal story (most often, something wildy embarrassing I’ve done) or talk about sweat tacos, I feel more at ease, and I feel like I’m shedding a shell that needs to be cracked.

That said, I feel the need to throw out a word of caution:  this is not an open invitation to be overly personal.  I loved the distinction Ann Handley, author of the bestselling book “The Content Rules” gives on this subject.  She said, “There’s a difference between being personal and being personable.”  Share the pieces of you that fans will want to relate to you and keep your dirty laundry (and string of complaints) in the closet.

While I believe that Lady Gaga is already authentic as a popular musician, this other side of her shows her multifaceted artistry and talent.  Let’s all share more sides of our true selves so people can appreciate who we are on multiple levels.  Join me?

Second, taking a strategic risk is always good.  I’m not saying to go out and make stupid decisions, though if I’m honest, some of my stupidest decisions taught me the most.  I’m on the cusp of releasing a published book, rolling out a new season of my radio show and have some projects begging to come out.  I’m feeling vulnerable and nervous and excited.  I’ve got that tightening in my chest that is half so excited it could burst and half worried if I’m making the biggest mistake of my life.   I’ve learned that opportunities abound and the gap between the ones the reach their dreams and the ones that don’t are the ones willing to take a risk.

Life is full of these Make It Happen Moments….a fork in the road where we get to decide: Am I going to play it safe, or am I going to do something I’ve never done to get results I haven’t yet gotten (as the old addage says)?

It’s time, my friends.  It’s time to create Your Make It Happen Moments that determine your future and your dreams.  You’ve probably already had some of those moments, and you’ll probably have some more.  Will you share yours?  I’d love to feature your story-your make it happen moment on my radio show and through this site.  Email us at <inquiry> @ <speakmichelle> dot com.

Michelle McCullough ThumbnailBestselling author, Michelle McCullough is also a sought after business strategist and speaker. She’s the creator of “The Marketing Playbook” a digital marketing planning tool for entrepreneurs and small businesses. She’s been featured in numerous media outlets including entrepreneur.com and the 40 under 40.  She’s also the host of a weekly radio show.  As a mother of two young children she knows there’s no time to mess around.  It’s time to Make It Happen.   (Michelle’s motivational book “Make It Happen – The Success Practices for Peak Performers” will be out in 2015.  Sign up for the Make It Happen Toolkit and you’ll be first to hear about it’s release!)