How to Get Back on Track With Your Goals

Success Series Segment #3 - Fox 13 TV

Success Coach Michelle McCullough shared what to do when we get off track with our New Year’s Resolutions.

What do you do when you “Fall Off The Wagon” – Many of us slip up on our goals. We binge at a party, waste money that we should have saved, or mess up a relationship we’re trying to improve. Instead of giving up, here are 4 ways to get back on the track to success.

1. Revisit Your Why
2. Reexamine The Finish Line
3. Change Up Your Plan
4. Don’t Let Past Mistakes Hurt Your Future Success

How to get back on track with your goals

Give Yourself Some Living Room

This is what The Living Room is all about.  It’s about looking at our lives and giving ourselves some room to grow and feel.  It’s about not beating ourselves up when we make mistakes and it’s about giving ourselves permission to succeed and to fail.
Grateful for the opportunity I had to share these thoughts on The Place last week.
My thought for your today is Give Yourself Some Living Room

Michelle's SheBiz Utah Video

It was an honor to get invited to be part of this fun video series with SheBiz Utah!  I love talking about how I make business and life work (and sometimes it doesn’t work)!
What would your answers be to this question?
Check out the other videos on the SheBiz Utah YouTube Channel:

Michelle McCullough Named Small Biz Influencer – Press

It’s an honor to be recognized in my community for the Small Biz Influencer Awards.  Here’s a write up in my local online newspaper.  It was printed as well (my mom found that one)!

The Day I Learned the Meaning of Quixotic & Why I'll Never Be The Same Again

My father, James Salisbury, died in 2003 of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (better known as SARS) while living in China. He was one of the first Americans on record to die of the disease that took a hundred lives (over 3,000 cases reported). As a result, his death got a lot of media attention. As the nominated family spokesperson, I was interviewed by every local television station, many radio stations, and all the local newspapers. His death received national attention as well, and I did interviews for the Today Show, CBS’s The Early Show, and Good Morning America, as well as the Harvard Crimson (my father received his Master’s degree at Harvard), and other random outlets. Needless to say, it was a whirlwind few days from the time of his death until his memorial service.

One reporter who interviewed me also attended the funeral and did a follow up story. After hearing my father was a member of the Peace Corps, taught English in China, and created a plan called “The Freedom Bomb” that would use literacy and education to liberate third world countries from poverty and oppression, the reporter called my father “loveably quixotic.”

I’m not going to lie, I had to look up quixotic in the dictionary, but it basically means exceedingly idealistic. It described my father completely. He believed in world peace and freedom for all. He believed in living in full expression of self, and encouraged his family, friends, and even complete strangers to live creatively and believe in a world where anything was possible. Living and thinking that way made my dad happy.

This world needs more lovably quixotic people. We need more dreamers. We need Don't wait for "someday" Make It Happen Blueprint - Michelle McCulloughmore people who believe that wrongs can be righted and sadnesses can turn happy. We need to turn idealistic thoughts into realistic thoughts, and then we need to act on them.

Don’t think small. Though you may not achieve all the dreams you set out to, you’ll likely find simply pursuing them brings you happiness. You’ll find a sense of fulfillment on your journey knowing your dreams aren’t sitting in a lonely box labeled “Someday.”

This experience taught me other things as well.  I share my thoughts about why some ideas spread in the TEDx talk.

The How’s & Why’s of Vision Boards – Michelle McCullough on The Place

9932375058718889664I wish I could say that I came up with vision boards. The truth is, I’m just grateful for them as a tool to help me with my New Year’s Planning. I’ve had some amazing successes with vision boards. Check out this “old school video”.

If you’re just getting started, here’s some tips I shared on Fox 13’s The Place


successequation.002While everyone is talking about MAKING resolutions, I want to talk about KEEPING them.

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