Are You On Your PATH? – Words from Author Kevin Hall

I loved this today and wanted to share it with you.  Have you read the book Aspire, by Kevin Hall?  If not, you should!

Four things I need to recognize daily to keep me on my PATH and on PURPOSE~

1. PEOPLE who appear on my Path to Help me fulfill my Purpose.

2. ACTIONS taken on Opportunities.

3. THOUGHTS that Help me create a Life of Meaning & Significance.

4. Moments of HAPPINESS and Bliss.

People. Actions. Thoughts. Happiness.

THAT spells PATH!!

Thanks, Kevin!

Why New Year's Resolutions Don't Work – Video

Why New Year’s Resolutions Don’t Work

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The #2 thing I've been asked consulting with women entrepreneurs over the last 3 years

Can you guess?  The number 1 thing I’ve been asked over the last 3 years while talking with women entrepreneurs through Startup Princess is, “How do I get more customers?” (We’ll have a marketing conversation later… 😉

The #2 thing I’ve been asked is: “How do I balance my business and my personal life?”  For a while, my answer was, “If you find out, let me know!”  (and I was the “business expert”!?)

Now, I answer that question with ease and help women (and men) in all stages of growing a business AND a life through my Life Priority System.  They LOVE me for it.  I created this system based on the things I wanted to be not on my growing list of to dos.  Now my to dos still get done, but there is greater meaning to my days and my personal and professional life are thriving!  I’ve even lost 40 pounds in the last year!

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