How to Become an Expert in Your Field

In this video share different kids of content and marketing strategies that are important to build out thought leadership or to build your expert business. If you are interested in growing your business through public speaking, writing a book, or building an online platform this video will help you understand what is necessary and how to take your business to the next level.

P.S. I think I am so funny. If this equation is lost on you, know I was trying to make a joke and to be clear I do not take myself this serious.

How Can You Be An Effective Leader In The Workplace?

Are you looking for more strategies to be a better leader? In this video I share leadership strategies to help everyone become better leaders and achieve high performance. These strategies work for all types of leadership styles.

How to Power Up and Power Down Your Day

TV Segment on Fox 13 The Place

This is my MOST favorite success principle. There is a chapter dedicated to this single concept in my book.
Begin and end your day with you and it changes everything.

Michelle McCullough Speaker Preview Video

Female High Performance and Leadership Speaker

Check out my latest speaker reel and preview video on my High Performance Keynote Make It Happen Blueprint. Based on my book by the same title, this keynote focuses on how leaders can inspire high performance and productivity in their teams through communication, resilience training and creating a culture of progress and success.

What Audience Attendees Have to Say About Experiencing Michelle McCullough

A Sampling of Speaking Testimonials We Have Gathered Over The Years

“Michelle has amazing enthusiasm and content. I loved all the amazing things I learned that I haven’t heard of anywhere else. She is so knowledgeable and helpful.”

-Tamara K. Anderson


‘You might talk fast like you joked about, but it’s clear and precise and I followed easily at my beginner level. I like that there were goals for all levels. I’m leaving with some great next steps.”

-Krista Isaacson


“Very meat-y  content! Lots that are immediate deployable tools. This presentation was fun, upbeat but even more than being entertaining, she was one of the best I’ve ever seen at providing immediately deployable and effective tools. Loved her presentation.”

-Cecily Condie


‘I love the buffet and will be dining from my notes for my journey! Great information! Excellent! Loved your humor and speaking style.’

-Laura Pickard


“I’ve that Michelle is thorough and doesn’t rush through questions asked. Michelle over delivered and I loved that.”

-Michelle Watson


“Michelle had great content that you do not find at any other business events, or my university education.”

-James Harward


“The various methods taught by Michelle have been a game changer for me. Knowledge is power! You can’t put a price on this kind of training!”

-Angie Sargent


“Great content! Michelle is definitely an expert in her field. She walks the walk! Some many nuggets of information in many areas of marketing.”

-Lisa Copeland


“The variety of information provided for all types of business is phenomenal. There is something for everyone! The ideas presented and the workbook to physically work through is invaluable. Too many times it’s easy to go home and forget …now I don’t have to worry about it.”

-Leslie Winterton


“Our weakness is in marketing, so everything we learned was relevant and easy to apply without knowing how to market. The workbook has helped us organize thoughts, think outside of the box and make a plan for the future.”

-Erin Lundgreen


“The content, tools and the specific planning templates were great! Your awesomely fun personality makes the mass of content digestible and makes the time fly!”

-James Stephens


“Michelle provided a boatload of information and allowed a ton of Q&A to customize what we wanted to learn more about. I came for a marketing strategy and I’m going home with it.”

-Julie Cluff


“I loved everything! This was honestly the most comprehensive training I’ve ever been through that is so implement. I’m going to college for marketing and this was better information than any class I’ve ever taken in my degree.”

-Christine Lavulo


“I absolutely loved that we didn’t just get the tools – we also used the told and began planning through the entire workshop.”

-Sadie Banks


“I learned a lot about social media but the best part is that I have been able to create an outline for all next year.”

-Heather Gibson


“Michelle is so likeable and relatable. She is easily able to breakdown great content into bite sized portions”

-Tina Larson


“Michelle is the queen of systems. I love that she shares these systems to help us be more productive and successful in our business. It transforms activity to productivity.”

-Elizabeth Giuffrida


“I loved the focus and blocked out time to work and plan out the whole year! I love the ideas from others and from the mastermind. Mostly I love hearing the rapid fire of brilliance that comes out of Michelle. It sparks so many ideas and I am so grateful she continues to do this every year.”

-Rosie Gremmert


“Michelle kept us engaged. I love that she kept her presentation interesting and gave me something to think about.”

-Annie Ray


“Your message about finding your “why” is giving my goals purpose.”

-Tracy Silcott


“I got so many ideas on how to be stronger and deal with life issues.”

-Michelle Raymond


“Stories and the humor! This helps to keep my attention and want to learn more!”

-Sherice Butler


“You are a fantastic speaker! I love your personal touches and experiences as you use them in your presentations.“

-Stacy Lapuaho


“I really enjoyed the presentation. Your humor and personalization made the presentation enjoyable and held my interest and wanted to keep learning.”

-Heather Willford


“How she brought real life stories into her talk and related them to her topics.”

-Nicole Cole


“Your willingness to share personal stories that exposed raw emotion – you were REAL.”

-Pat Stenquist


“I love how Michelle included personal stories where it brought a connection to the group.”

-Laura Hansell


“Her energy and the content. The plastic bag analogy really spoke to me.”

-Carie Romano


“I enjoyed the message as a whole – persuading others to support your mission. FABULOUS!”

-Jessica Stone


“How material was presented overall. Great at keeping my attention and ease of following along.”

-Cristina Frary


“Michelle was very relatable. Her personal experiences show how we are all capable of anything.”

-Tiffany Maglish


“Michell was amazing at presentation, and was very captivating. Amazing Job!”

-Amanda Kelly


“Very personable and engaging. The stories were very funny and touching. The topic and blueprint were very valuable.”

-Sarah Jo Ward


“I enjoyed Michelle’s enthusiasm. I felt her emotion and felt like I could connect to her and her ideas. I love the models and plan to read the book right away.”

-Amelia Dial


“It was so practical and informative.”

-Ann Herzinger


“Her strategy of oranizing + management social media + being effective use of time + getting support when learning it.”

-Sharyl Jones


“I loved her energy and insight into social media. I loved her simple plan to tackle these areas.”

-Cassidy Holdsworth


“I loved her fun personality and amazing depth and breadth of knowledge.”

-Kalyn Robinson

“Michelle provides so much expertise and presents it in such a fun way! I’m so excited to put some new things into practice.”

-Lisa Nelson


“I knew that Michelle could take my social networking ideas to the next level. I’m so glad I was there at this event. She brought so much value to me.”

-Erin Anderson


“She clearly and concisely exposed the most minmative and helpful tips that are easily implemented into what I’m already doing. Priceless information for success.”

-Courtney Heap


“Michelle is on top of the latest trends and gives great how-to tips – Thank you!”

-Tara Reed


“She is clear and passionate. Two things I love!”

-Jen Fanning


“How to organize time so it isn’t all wasted online.”

-Sharilyn Dastas


“Michelle didn’t hold back on information. The information was so good. I can’t wait for more.”

-Julie Hinton


“She is a fireball with amazing energy and information.”

-Tiesha Hinton


“Content! Content! Content! I love the rich information Michelle provides. Great value for the time spent!”

-Hayley Anderson


“Michelle’s whit and delivery is amazing. I was laughing so hard while taking crazy notes. I am so excited to get home and implement.”

-Amee Gleave


“The vast knowledge of multiple subjects was astounding. I could listen to her talk about social media strategy all day.”

-Nigel Smith


“Michelle covers so much informational material that is very rarely taught. Everyone hears that you have to post constantly on every site possible but no one tells you to focus and do a few completely.”

-Helen Patti


“Humor and content. I absolutely LOVE that she provides slides and asks people to focus on action items! And she talked at a great rate today.”

-Tiffany Peterson


“Excitement! She was knowledgeable, fun, and got me excited to use social media for my business!”

-Brianne Lister


“I was introduced to ideas that I hadn’t considered before, and mediums that I hadn’t known much about but that I now see value in. Loved all the simple, doable tips!”

-Cynthia Patience


“Michelle knows what she’s talking. I’ve wanted to utilize social media in my business, but never knew where to start. Now I know!”

-Kylie West


“Michelle makes it doable. Love the enthusiasm and fun during presentation.”

-Robyn Mitchell


“I loved Michelle’s energy and humor. Her content was simple and easy to implement and she kept the audience fully engaged!”

-Marissa Hyatt


“Best guest speaker a the entire Elevation event. Hands down.”

-Eve Colantoni


“Truck load of valuable tips, I have to go home and break down my notes more, I am sure I will discover even more value.”

-Blake Driggs


“I loved that Michelle delivered current, meaty information with no “fluff” in an interesting and low-stress way.”

Heidi Payne


“I loved how you simplified something so overwhelming. Thank you.”

-Leslie Phillips


“Michelle’s presentation was succinct. Jam packed with useful tips that can be implemented without getting overwhelmed.”

-Andrea Crisp


“I’m excited! Now I feel like the world of social media is no longer elusive to me. I know what to do to get going and experience success!”

-Carlin Clarke


“Michelle is an enthusiastic and high energy speaker. She is an expert at implementing social media in business.”

-Joan Stoker


“Michelle makes it bite size approach to all you can eat buffet.”

-Angela Bell


“The energy was incredible. When she finished I felt like it is achievable.”

-Bridgett Peterson


“Organized content + easy without taking lots of time to complete – efficient”

-Mary LaGasse


“Michelle’s energy and information creates the space I needed to get started in social media.”

-Cathi Kershner


“I liked all of it. It was liberating to know I can streamline my time in social media time.”

-Rhonda Peterson


“I love how you brought each principle to life for me to connect with better understanding.”

-Melanie Arp


“I loved the information about persuasion and conversational enrollment. It changed my view of making and achieving goals.”

-Louisa Pratt


“I enjoyed that there was content I could apply now in my professional and personal life. It wasn’t only motivational but it gave me useful information as well.”

-Melody Pizzi


“I got so many ideas on how to be stronger and deal with life issues.”

-Michelle Raymond


“She engaged the audience and made herself and her knowledge relatable.”

-Vanessa Park


“I’ve never done a full workshop on marketing only.  I so needed a plan. Expert advice was very welcomed and needed for a gal fairly new at selling.”

-Linda Williams


“I loved Michelle’s passion. You can tell she lives and believes her content.”

-Kirsten Aeschlimann


“How real she is and listening to her background. Even though she has been through a lot of negative in her life, she’s positive!”

-Deb Clawson


“I enjoyed most how Michelle was willing to share and be vulnerable with us.”

-Jessica Miller


“Stories and way of motivating, very natural, audience participation, perfect blend.”

-Carrie Grubb


“She was very funny and gave great advice for real life application.”

-Janece Holmes


“It felt like you were talking to me – personal touch.”

-Debbie Williams


“I love the passion you have for (showing) teaching people how they can “Make It Happen”!”

-Brandi Tifft


“Michelle is engaging, warm, heartfelt and relatable!”

-Brandi Tifft


“Clear and Specific! Loved the handouts and tools. She was relatable and entertaining! We would love to hear her again in the future.”

-Jenifer Alvi


“I love how real you are! You make your content relevant and personal to me. Communication! So critical- love the focus on openness and clarity with follow-up. Love the idea of “The Happiest!” Perfect!”

-Brandon Jacobson


“I loved all the visuals and the workbook. It really helped me work through my business strategy while I had Michelle available to ask questions. The value of this program far exceeded my expectations of what I would receive. Thank you Michelle, for sharing your wealth of knowledge and skills with all of us. Well worth the sacrifice in both time and money!”

-Tiffany Fletcher


“Michelle’s ideas are fresh and thorough. I was pleasantly surprised at the depth and breadth of her knowledge. She is absolutely fun and entertaining in her approach. I have a clear path to my best year of business ever.”

-Karmel Larsen


“I feel like I just got a mini marketing MBA! There is so much valuable information that I will be working on and refining in my business all next year. My favorite part is walking away with a concrete plan for my 2019 marketing.”

-Yvette Jones


“Michelle provided real time marketing strategies to apply and get results. She is a rockstar trainer. The value of the workshop is 10x’s what I paid for the ticket.”

-RaeNell Krusen


“This made me finally set some goals that I had been thinking about for a long time.”

-Charlotte Smith


“I feel so empowered to make a difference in my personal and professional life.”

-Cheryl Haroing


“This was constructive, meaningful and it was able to help me be able to implement things in the right way.”

-Cassandra Kendall

Can I Be Your Chief Marketing Officer for 2020?

As a business owner it can be hard to focus on your genius and marketing at the same time.
I’m launching my 5th Annual Outsourced CMO program this month!

If you’d like to explore, sign up for a coaching exploration call here.
Here is what Christie Gardiner had to say after being part of my 2019 Outsourced CMO Marketing Mastermind:
Participating in Michelle’s marketing mastermind was the best business decision I made last year.  I feel like a completely new woman in my business and I couldn’t be happier with the investment I made in the program.
Here’s what Tiffany Fletcher had to say about being part of the 2019 Outsourced CMO Marketing Mastermind:
“I cannot say enough good about Michelle and her ability to take you under her wing, give you a direction, and breathe life into your dreams. I loved every moment I worked with her. She went above and beyond when she spent an entire day with me and helped me create a comprehensive business blueprint. This incredible day with Michelle was a turning point for me and my business. Not only was working with her a game-changer, but it was a life changing experience. She’s amazing! Any chance you get to work with her…JUST DO IT!”
Here’s what Allie White had to say about working with me in a previous Marketing Mastermind:
I participated in Michelle’s mastermind in 2017 and it continues to be the smartest marketing investment I have made to date. Her mastermind transformed my game and produced massive results in the form of organization, clarity, inspiration, time and money in my pocket, which in turn allowed me to be more present, productive, and profitable than I knew was possible only two years into a brand new business pipeline. I have continued to work with Michelle ever since and have found her to be to be one of the most empowering and effective experts I have ever encountered. Not to mention I think she is so amazingly fun to work with and she oozes relevant and creative ideas in a seemingly effortless way. She has a gift and she shares it wholly. This experience and being a part of this tribe meant everything to a little girl with big dreams who in turn made it happen! Sign up, sign up, sign up!

Preparing for 2020

Monetize Your Mindset Podacast

I had the opportunity to be interviewed on the Monetize Your Mindset podcast. We discussed ways to get prepared for 2020 as well as  choosing a word for the year. I also shared about following your intuition, your gut. Head on over to to listen in.

Make It Happen Show with Michelle McCullough & Tiffany Peterson

On this very special episode of Make It Happen with Michelle McCullough the tables are turned. Join special guest host Tiffany Peterson as we learn about Michelle’s new book “The Make It Happen Blueprint” and three principles you need to know NOW to take your life to the next level.

Four Biggest Marketing Mistakes

Avoid these common pitfalls and watch your profits grow

Is GROWING Your Paycheck On Your 2020 Goal List?

In the twelve years that I have been working with marketing teams small business owners all over the world, I’ve seen a tragic statistic unfold right before my eyes: 50% of businesses fail in the first five years. Sad and true all at the same time.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that the businesses that are committed to a marketing plan and willing to change with the trends often succeed a lot faster than those who try to apply old school marketing tactics year over year. Don’t get me wrong, traditional advertising still works when done strategically, but you can’t ignore online and social media any longer. Here’s a list of three more of the biggest mistakes small businesses make in marketing.

Mistake #1 They don’t have a plan. As I say to my clients, “P-L-A-N is the four letter word for success!” Take time to write out your strategy for 2020, even if it’s just sticky notes on your wall. However, if you can give it a little more time, you might see greater results. Schedule some time in the next couple of weeks to create a strategy for next year, so that after the holidays are over, you’re ready to hit the ground running. I have a resource for this: learn more.

Mistake #2 They wait for everything to be perfect. I hate to see businesses who aren’t marketing because they’re waiting for the perfect logo, or the website to be updated for the 900th time, or they need to get more feedback from friends before they feel like they can more forward. I’m not suggesting you put out half baked ideas on a regular basis, but identify where perfectionism is paralyzing your business. Get some feedback, make some changes and then LAUNCH, don’t wait. It will never be perfect. ALL businesses and ALL marketing is a work in progress.

Mistake #3 They aren’t consistent. Do you want regular paychecks? Then WHY do you do sporadic marketing? I see too many small businesses who run campaigns when they need the money, but then they don’t have money so they don’t market effectively. Marketing is fuel for your business. It’s like food for the body. You wouldn’t survive on sporadic meals- a month here and a month there, your body needs regular nutrition. Your business needs regular marketing. When you’re creating your 2020 plan, make sure you include regular marketing efforts for regular results.

Mistake #4 Their target market is too broad. It sounds like generic marketing advice, but this year, more than ever we’ve been helping our clients create narrow focused niches and their sales are skyrocketing. If you want better results narrow your marketing and start sharing better messages that meet their needs.

If you’d like help creating your 2020 marketing plan, I have an event coming up November 21 & 22. You can join via LIVESTREAM from anywhere in the world. If you can give me two days, you’ll have a greater understanding of the latest marketing trends AND you’ll have a marketing plan for 2020. This is the seventh year I’ve done this event and each year it gets better, and each year we cover trends that can’t be missed. I’ve created this event to be VERY hands on. The activities we complete in those two days walk you through everything from niching your target market, to choosing your marketing outlets to creating a marketing budget, to connecting your audience on social media  AND I show you how to track and measure your results. I only host this event once a year, so don’t miss it!

Happy marketing!

47 Tips To Be A Better Boss

47 Tips To Be A Better Boss

As you all know I speak frequently on leadership. As I was preparing to speak a few months ago I reached out on social media to ask people what tips they had for being a better boss. All of the responses I received were great and I thought that I would pass them along to you.


Michele Vercimak Set clear expectations with established timelines.

Kenna Vallejos Listen and acknowledge “good ideas”. This doesn’t mean all are implemented it does however build productivity and connection.

Breaelle Eddington I like a direct boss. Some one that can gives me constructive criticism on how to be better at my job.

Kami Orange Find out how people like to be acknowledged. Some people really love to be applauded in front of the whole office. Some people really love an email saying they did a great job that they can print off and keep forever. Some people like more time off and perks.

Just because you like a particular type of acknowledgment does not mean the people that work for you also like that type of acknowledgment. They might actually dislike the exact same kind of acknowledgment that you personally prefer.

If you really want to acknowledge people for doing a great job, find out what is meaningful for them and do that as much as possible.

Jeri Mae Rowley I want my boss to take good care of themselves–take a lunch break, exercise, go home to their family, laugh, ask for help, gather a good support group. Bosses burn out and singe the whole organization.

Ashlee Houghton Listen to the employees!!!

Jocelyn Harris Listen to your employees and not just think you have all the answers.

Heather Heslington Snyder Lead by example. Be the type of professional your subordinates will want to model themselves after.

Linda Joy Slagowski Not threatening emails with consequences if things don’t get done. Owning their limitations & mistakes. No favorites

Hollie Case Baxter Know how to do the job of the people you are in charge of.

Julie Phillips Shepherd Listen to employees and take appropriate action when necessary.

Kirsten Klug Trust. Don’t stand over my shoulder to watch me work

April Saunders Anderton Learn about different personality or energy types and recognize specific traits in your employees. Use that knowledge to assign tasks and to manage and motivate your employees.

Amberly Moon Kariuki Don’t ask for ideas or suggestions if you already know what you’re going to do and are not really open to ideas.

Jennifer Bottema Hinton I have always worked for small business owners. Do not complain about how tight money is or the lack of it (therefore eliminating employee raises an bonuses) and then spend excessively on personal life style. It destroys employee morale. If you want to spend on you, you earned it, but do not minimize your employee’s contributions by saying you are financially strapped/struggling.

Debra E Andrew Reward for great ideas, don’t just steal them as your own and keep the profits for yourself. Give room for growth, advancement, and pay increases. Don’t expect 5 times work for the same pay. If you add to responsibilities increase pay.

Whitney Lee Geertsen My advice is provide at least some training, listen to employees especially when they have particular skill sets, hire and accommodate disabled workers, and provide safety equipment and protocols for work hazards.

My first job in a seasonal grounds maintenance crew, I was dropped off alone at the cemetery and told to make it look pretty. All I had were hand tools and it wasn’t until halfway through was I shown were more efficient tools were. The third year same city different boss I had no tools (they would disappear over winter) and broke my own shovel. In horticulture, I knew more than my boss, but he was there because of his knowledge of sprinkling and lawn maintenance. During my three years, I had little help and was placed in charge of 40+ flower beds. I was inadequately trained and equipped for herbicide application.
(Note: I am autistic and struggle getting work. After my time with the city I developed a barrage of health problems. )

KyAnn Betz As an executive level leader with hundreds of employees here are mine:
1. No favorites, love them all and treat them all the same
2. Have a clear escalation plan, my employees know when and how to ask for my help, they are all amazing but even Superman needs the Justice League occasionally
3. Have a written employee handbook that covers roles, responsibilities, code of conduct, and expectations, make sure it’s on everyone’s desk
4. When there is praise it’s them, when there is punishment it’s me, I am ultimately accountable for everything and everyone
5. Don’t hire a watchdog and then do the barking yourself, this makes me NUTS when leaders do this
6. Have a suggestion box and actually answer the suggestions or implement them. I message my employees in the bathrooms through a Restroom Reader that I write every 10 work days, I answer their suggestions and tell them what’s coming up. They LOVE the Restroom Reader, I’m hilarious and I give it to them straight.
7. Calm down, your demeanor and energy becomes infectious, I work in nuclear weapons so this might be more important in my job, calm down as a leader, think it through, my employees know it’s not the 9th inning unless I say it’s the 9th inning, if everything is a crisis, nothing is
8. Rewards don’t have to be big, each of my hundreds of employees gets a hand written birthday card from me, I give a ton of high fives, and I paint “You Rock!” on regular rocks and give them out
9. Don’t be afraid of crucial conversations, if someone needs to be disciplined or dealt with do it fast, sometimes with shock and awe, but don’t delay it, there’s a reason they call me The Kraken behind my back, I deal with it head on and while I’m not always nice, I’m fair and morale is high because I prune the non performers.
10. Leaders take care of yourselves, sleep, eat, use your vacation days, unplug on weekends

Cindee Leavitt Jessop Listen. Don’t just talk. Listen.

Janet Thaeler My pet peeve is when bosses call you into a meeting and it’s not normal timing so you feel like you’re in trouble. Also I had a boss give me a glowing performance review in person but turned in a different version that wasn’t as stellar. Didn’t love that. I always appreciate honest feedback, well delivered, even if it’s to improve something. It’s hurtful when you find out about negative feedback from another source. The thing I love is when a boss has my back and I know there’s mutual trust.

Patti Merrill Cook Always appreciate, people who are appreciated work harder. Be clear in directions and expectations. Offer flexible schedules when possible so people can work at their best pace.

Suzanne Mulet The kind that drive to make you feel so inadequate that you fall apart. They get the smug look, like, “Finally broke her. I win.” And then cry all the way home. #TrueStory

Tammy Joy Lane Don’t have it so the only time you talk to your people is when they are in trouble. Don’t micromanage, Do appreciate, Don’t be shady

Stacy Bernal Don’t send a text on Friday that reads: “We need to talk on Monday.” Thus ruining my entire weekend. (Actually, that’s not true– I was in Nashville with friends to run a half marathon so I didn’t LET it ruin my weekend. But still. Pretty D-bag move.)

Jolene Griffin Durrant Don’t ask your employees to do anything you wouldn’t do

Shauna Light Talking to others about me when I can hear them. Such passive aggressive communication. Blaming everything in the office on a fall guy.

Cindy DeHart Check in with your team individually regularly, listen, provide feedback, learn from each other. Team members that feel acknowledged and input is valued are better individual members of a team, and produce stronger workloads. Don’t use examples of anyone we know. Ha! That part is a joke!

Adrienne Thomas Acknowledgement is key.

Laura Jeffs Be able to communicate with your employees and handle conflict between them professionally. Know how to delegate!!

Tori Christensen Nathan has pretty awful bosses: don’t hover, don’t put off payday until you feel like saying, don’t schedule meetings Friday at 5pm because that way it isn’t taking up “work time.” Pay people fairly, not just according to what their degree is, but to how they serve the company. Don’t make salaried people punch in and out. And did I mention not hovering?

Laura Jeffs Don’t micromanage!

Tambra Puro West Don’t be a boss, be a leader. Get engaged with your employees and get to know them (echoing comments above about praise, rewards, work and personality types). Not everyone works the same and everyone has a life outside of work. Don’t over-react and jump to conclusions from hearsay. Try to get the full story before making changes or taking action.

Madeline Faiella Treat people as a team, with respect. Not as underlings. Life can change in an instant.💖💖💖

Becky Ruths Dont ask your employees to do something you are unwilling to do.

Julie C. Hatch Quit micro-managing.

Jentrey Potter See people as people. I’ve never worked in the corporate world but I’ve seen enough of what my husband has gone through and it’s sad how often they forget that they’re dealing with real humans.

Kim Kauffman Everybody wants to be somebody… Imagine that everyone has an invisible sign on their chest that says.. MAKE ME FEEL SPECIAL!! Recognition is important. The best bosses are the ones that love to give recognition.. no matter how big or small! People work hard when they feel appreciated!!