50 Apps for You & Your Business

Using Your Phone for Increased Productivity & High Performance

I had the opportunity to speak at a conference this year on the 50 best apps for your business. Today I get to share 4 of my favorite apps on KSL’s Browser 5.0 but I wanted you to have my whole list.

In the digital world that we live in, we’ve got apps for everything from health to money.

Check out the list of my favorite 50 apps below.



6 Reasons You Should Attend The Marketing Blueprint Workshop

Live and Livestream Tickets Available

It’s my favorite time of year. I get to wear sweats and hoodies AND I get to prepare for my annual marketing planning event.

In it’s 5th Year, The Marketing Blueprint Workshop is designed to help you create your 2018 marketing plan in two days. But it’s more than that! Here are the top 5 Reasons you should attend the Marketing Blueprint.

1. Write your marketing plan for 2018 in two days. I’ll walk you through a checklist of structured exercises to help you target the correct market,
define your key marketing messages, set your budget and choose marketing mediums. Repeat attendees will tell you that their favorite part of this event is getting so much done to prep for the new year in a short amount of time.

2. Learn the latest in social media marketing. The social media landscape changes every year, but this year, big changes are in store. We’ll talk about how to make the most of the algorithm changes and how to use social media best in your business.

3. Learn how to make your small business budget get BIG results. Your budget doesn’t have to be huge to make an impact, but I’ll guide you to make the best decisions for your business, and the best bang for your buck.

4. I’m funny. I mean, I don’t want to toot my own horn, but Jana Finch called me the Melissa McCarthy of Marketing. Two days can be hard to get away from work and life, but not only will it be jam packed with valuable info, I’ll make sure you have a good time, too.

unnamed5. Learn how I got 20 TV segments in the last year For FREE. I didn’t pay for the spots, but I used my unique formula to reach out to decision makers and now I have two regular segments on the NBC and FOX affiliates in my market. I’ll lay all the cards on the table and show you how to be successful with media!

6. New this year, live and Livestream attendees get a new addition to their workbook: Market Plays. I’m creating 10 ready to go market plays. You plug in your content and decide the reach but you can use my checklist to create a powerful campaign, on demand.

I hope you can join us. Use code SPEAKMICHELLE to save 30% off between now and November 15. And, anyone who purchases this week will also receive my How To Get Noticed By Local & National Media CD as a bonus! ($50 value)





successequation.002While everyone is talking about MAKING resolutions, I want to talk about KEEPING them.

Join me for an evening that will set you up to succeed.

Date: Thursday, January 28, 2015

Time: 7:00-9:30 PM

Where: Provo Recreation Center THEATER ROOM


Michelle will share the 5 simple decisions that will help you crush it in life and business.  You’ll learn how to operate at your prime so that you can accomplish more without sacrificing your most important priorities.

Whether you’re trying to tackle health or organizational goals or if you’re ready to take your business to the next level, this event is for you!

AND you’ll also make your own vision board! Today I shared why vision boards are such a great part of your New Years goal setting, and here’s your chance to make one.  Join us on the 28th and ALL the supplies will be provided for you to create your 2016 vision.

In honor of my appearance on the place, tickets are only $16 (get it, 2016…) so snag your spot.  Tickets go back up to $26 on Thursday, January 7th at 11:00 PM.

Bring a friend for this fun night!


Michelle McCullough on The Place Vision Boards Michelle Vision Board

Choosing Success – Teleseminar REGISTRATION

Join speaker, strategist and success expert, Michelle McCullough, as she shares her four step program to bring greater results and success in your life and business.

You’ll learn:

– How successful people like Oprah, Jack Canfield, Darren Hardy and Brendon Burchard overcame their circumstances to become national names (and how you can, too!)

– The two traits that EVERY successful person demonstrates.

– The behaviors and actions that are keeping you from really achieving your goals and dreams.

– The four step approach Michelle teaches her clients and shares at her speaking events.

This is a 2 part teleseminar series. The first call is Wednesday, February 15th at 4:00 PM MST/6:00 PM EST.  The second call is Wednesday, February 22nd at 4:00 PM MST/6:00 PM EST.

If you are unable to attend both calls live, the calls will be recorded and shared only with those who register.  And yes, if you register after the first call, we can send the first call to you!


Have you seen Michelle’s TEDx Talk?  If not, you can view it here.

BETTER than New Years Resolutions!

You’ve heard me say that I don’t make New Years Resolutions.  I never keep them, even though I “RESOLVE” to.  Now I create a vision board and do my “New Years Roles and Goals” Activity.  It’s super powerful and I want to share it with you.

Join me at the next, “Life Balance Myth Workshop” where I will share with you BETTER than New Years Resolutions that will lead you to having your BEST year yet.  My mission is for your 2012 to be your most fulfilled and meaningful, yet.

I do personal coaching on this area and my clients pay hundreds of dollars for the information I’ll be giving away in this workshop for only $30! And since you read this post, if you enter code: speakmichelle you’ll get $10 off!  It’s a steal! (Next year, I’ll be selling this course for $99, so this is your last chance at this price!)

As a bonus, I’m giving away a free Marketing and Business Strategy workbook that will help you plan out your your business goals for 2012.  This is a $49 value, that you’ll receive for FREE.  And you’ll get it within 24 hours of your registration.  The event will teach you how to transform your personal life, and your bonus is for your professional life!

I only have 25 seats available for this class on Wednesday, November 30th, at 6:00 PM, so reserve your seat soon!


As always, I’m here to answer questions you may have!  Contact me here.

– Michelle

The #2 thing I've been asked consulting with women entrepreneurs over the last 3 years

Can you guess?  The number 1 thing I’ve been asked over the last 3 years while talking with women entrepreneurs through Startup Princess is, “How do I get more customers?” (We’ll have a marketing conversation later… 😉

The #2 thing I’ve been asked is: “How do I balance my business and my personal life?”  For a while, my answer was, “If you find out, let me know!”  (and I was the “business expert”!?)

Now, I answer that question with ease and help women (and men) in all stages of growing a business AND a life through my Life Priority System.  They LOVE me for it.  I created this system based on the things I wanted to be not on my growing list of to dos.  Now my to dos still get done, but there is greater meaning to my days and my personal and professional life are thriving!  I’ve even lost 40 pounds in the last year!

This is the first time I have offered this strategy in a live public event.   My coaching clients pay hundreds of dollars to learn these strategies in conjunction with business consulting, but I’m offering them in this introductory workshop for only $25.  That’s right, $25.  This workshop is NOT introductory in content, it’s introductory in my offering it to the public in this way as I try to share my message with other like-minded business people.  And it’ll never be this inexpensive again.

Secure your seat by registering here.

AND, the first 30 people who register get a ticket to the “Pre-party.”  Make connections at Stand Up Speed Networking from 6:00 to 6:30 and then strap in for juicy content from 6:30 to 8:30 PM.  A good time will be had by all!  But you need to secure your seat for the event by Friday, October 17th to get the networking event add on for no charge.

Finally, I’ll give you a guarantee, if at the end of the event you don’t feel like you received $25 worth of goodness, I’ll refund your money.   No questions asked.   🙂

Register Today!

My First, Live, Solo Event – October 20th, 2011

I’m feeling super excited and super vulnerable today (how’s that for open disclosure?).  My first, live, solo event is coming up in less than 3 weeks.

Do you ever feel overwhelmed?  Unfulfilled?  Out of balance?  At the end of your day do you wonder where all that time went?  Have a list of to-dos that seems to get longer instead of shorter?  Have you tried to “balance” your life, but easily slip back into old routines?

You aren’t alone! I’ve been coaching small business owners for the last 3 years.  I discovered that when there is a problem at the office, there’s usually a personal problem as well.  Especially for women.  They’re trying to balance growing a business and raising a family or have a satisfying personal life and wondering, “What’s the secret?  Other people seem to have it all, why can’t I?”

Then it happened to me.  In January of 2010 I was running 3 businesses, heavily involved in my church service, and I had just had my second child.  I was trying to balance having a toddler and a newborn, maintain a happy marriage, keep my businesses afloat and still have time for service and myself.  I kept looking around at other successful women entrepreneurs who seemed to have it all together and I went in search of what they had.   Frankly, things got worse.  Then through trial and error and honestly trying every life balance and time management program on the planet, I still felt like something was missing.  I realized life balance is a myth and I decided I needed to create a program that did a better job of focusing on my most important roles and responsibilities.

I created the Life Priority System.  When I share this with clients and friends they love me for it and I’m dying to share it with you.  I’ve created this event to help you manage your life’s work.  You’ll also learn how to get your loved ones on board with your dreams!  Whether you’re a full-time parent, a full-time entrepreneur, a full-time employee or some mix of the above, my system is designed to help you to bring greater meaning to the things most important to you.

I share these secrets with my coaching and business clients for hundreds of dollars, but in this introductory workshop, I’m sharing my best stuff for $25.  It’s NOT introductory in content.  It’s introductory in price and offering to you.   And really, what is your life worth?  How much would you spend to learn tools that can bring you happiness and fulfillment?

In addition to rich content, you’ll receive the Life Balance Myth Workshop workbook, and additional conference materials.  I want you to have the tools you need to be successful when you leave so I’m pulling out all the stops and putting my best stuff in the materials.

AND, the first 30 people who register by Friday, October 7th will receive a 10 page Joy Journal starter kit (both in print and in digital format).

AND, if you’re not completely satisfied with the content and tools I share, I’ll give you your money back, no questions asked.  Simply see me or one of my event staff members at the end of the event and we’ll refund your money.

Reserve your spot and register today!

Event Details: Thursday, October 20th, 2011 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM

Tahitian Noni Visitors Center – Outrigger Conference Room (No, there will not be a network marketing presentation.  They offer meeting space available for community events and I like their location!)

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at michelle@speakmichelle.com.  I welcome a conversation to discuss if this event is right for you.