Regret Feels Worse Than Failure

Why I Wrote The Make It Happen Blueprint

Success is not a destination, it’s a practice. Are you practicing at staying the same or are you practicing at progress? Sometimes we let fear hold us back from what we really want, but the truth is regret feels worse than failure. At least you can learn from failure and try again. When you look back a year from now will you wish you had actually done the things that you said you wanted to do? Missed opportunities and wasted time feel much worse – nothing can be changed because you didn’t take the chance. Sure going outside your comfort zone, expanding your vision and your business takes work and pushing past fear, but you can do it! Make it happen!


What are you putting off out of fear?


The Make It Happen Blueprint by Michelle McCullough is available for pre-order at, and  Release date March 21, 2017.

#1 Amazon Bestseller – The Time Blueprint For Entrepreneurs

Yesterday was an awesome day! I woke up and saw that my first book “The Time Blueprint For Entrepreneurs” is #1 in Time Management! Hooray!

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As a thank you to my clients and listeners, I’m offering the book for FREE until Saturday, August 17th!  If you want, go download it now! (If you don’t have a Kindle, download the FREE app for your smartphone or device!)  You don’t want to miss it!

Thanks for your support!  If you get the book, I’d love you to share your honest review on my Amazon page.

More about the book:

Amazon Time Blueprint For Entrepreneurs Cover ArtHow often do you get to the end of a day, or even a week, only to realize you ran out of time to accomplish everything on your to-do list? As an entrepreneur, the most important asset you have is your time, and learning to take control of your schedule  will not just improve your work/life balance, but it will also benefit your bottom line. While there are plenty of time management resources out there, none guide you through the process like the The Time Blueprint for Entrepreneurs. Serial entrepreneur Michelle McCullough has built several successful businesses using the methods she shares in this book. She will help you identify where you’re currently spending your time, teach you the five categories where you should be spending your time, and walk you through each category using examples and hands-on activities designed to help you whip your schedule into shape.

The Time Blueprint for Entrepreneurs isn’t just about reclaiming your calendar, it’s about teaching you how to work smarter so you can reclaim your business, your profitability, and your life.