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Michelle is a natural speaker and has wowed audiences large and small. Whether it’s a group of high-powered entrepreneurs or a room full of high-energy youth, she will captivate, motivate and inspire. Michelle is available for breakout sessions, keynotes and full day workshop events. Michelle is also available for half-day and full day workshops. Learn more about Michelle here.

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Make It Happen – The Four Decisions That Determine Your Future Success and Happiness[/headline_cufon_font_left][testimonial1 author=””]Make It Happen is a motivating keynote that will ignite your audience with strategy and success. This no-fluff presentation inspires action and results.[/testimonial1]

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  • Choosing Success – Four traits that EVERY successful person demonstrates
  • The Five Biggest Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make
  • And more!
[testimonial1 author=”Jessie Funk, Singer”]“Michelle, I love your “life prioritization” idea you spoke about. I have been applying that to my life and it really is so much better than trying to have perfect balance each day… Just had to tell you that I like you and your wisdom.”[/testimonial1]

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[testimonial1 author=”Shelley Pollock Western Regional Sales Manager, TERI”]“…[Given a broad topic] Michelle came prepared with a stimulating and informative presentation on sales and team building. We laughed, learned, participated and enjoyed ourselves. The content was well researched, the presentation style very warm and open yet professional, and we all learned new techniques we could use in bettering our sales and coming together as a sales team….I would highly recommend Michelle to you as someone you would want as a speaker or trainer.”[/testimonial1][/features_box_paper_white]

[headline_cufon_font_left color=”#2a327a”]If you’d like to know more about booking Michelle to speak at your next event or conference, fill out the form below.[/headline_cufon_font_left]

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