“Good Enough Now” Book Review & Podcast Interview with Jess Pettitt

Make It Happen Radio Show - October 29, 2018

Last week I had the opportunity to interview Jess Pettitt on the Make It Happen Radio Show. Jess is a highly sought after speaker and author of the book “Good Enough Now” (available on Amazon).

I’ve known Jess for quite some time.  I followed her through NSA channels for awhile and then had an opportunity to chat with her on the phone.  I found her to be down-to-earth and awesome. She then came to an NSA Mountain West Chapter meeting two years ago in October 2016.  We did not synchronize our outfits but we did look good together in our orange.

Lucky for me, we’ve kept in touch and I was thrilled to have her on the Make It Happen podcast!

What I love about Jess is that she makes me feel awesome for who I am and also challenges me to be better all in the same moment.  There’s no pressure, just championing me to be who can be.

I even shared with her on the show one of my most embarrassing event moments of 2018, and she talked me through it without judgement and with a nudge to do better next time, and I’ve thought of that conversation many times since.

Listen to the podcast here or on the iTunes Podcast app on your phone.

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