People are Currency

IMG_1121It’s interesting to me how this comes up over and over again for my clients. While it takes a certain amount of confidence to accomplish your goals, cockiness will always come back to bite you. You can’t be selective with your kindness. You can’t be nice to your family and terrible to cashiers or the wait staff. You can’t be nice to your boss and look down on a stranger begging on the street. Success won’t happen if you stack rank yourself among the people around you.
Success happens when you not only realize that everyone can make or break your future because sometimes it takes a stranger to knock you out of your funk so you can become who you were meant to be. Be kinder, look people in the eye, give them the benefit of the doubt, be someone else’s chance to expect more. Then you’ll remember all the people in your past that made it possible for you to achieve today. We’re all in this together, folks, and you’ll never succeed by sacrificing a soul and leaving them in your wake

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