Help Us Build Empowerment Centers in Africa

When I started my first business at 19, it cost me $50. That experience has been one of the most beneficial things that happened in my life. It gave me more than a paycheck that I owned, it gave me confidence and built me in a very real way. Not all businesses can started for $50. But I love how $50 DOES matter and CAN empower women, just like us in other parts of the world. I want to give women tools so they can be able to have choices, instead of being forced into young marriages, abuse and so much worse. So, here’s the deal. I want to help YOU in whatever you’re doing in your life, so if I have a friend who makes a donation of $50 or more, I’m going to offer one of my audios for free.
Choose: How to get noticed by Local & National Media (Getting media attention for your or your business)
The Life Balance Myth (Life Priorities)
or Four Biggest Time Traps (Time Management)
Just forward me the confirmation and tell me which audio you want, and I’ll send it your way! (Also, Ann is offering her product at a specific dollar amount as well. Check her for details, you could get 2 products for donating to this wonderful cause!)
Here you go! (If $50 is out of reach, every dollar counts and EVERY dollar is matched by a generous donor!) Thank you, friends!

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