Accidental Celebrity

Accidental CelebrityI shared this memory the other day, but didn’t share the story. So here you go:

Here’s a Throwback Thursday from the Embarrassing Adventures of Michelle files… About a decade ago, my grandparents took 40+ of us on a cruise. On the first night we all met up for karaoke (my FAVE!). I ended up getting there a little late. A girl was singing a little Gloria Estefan when I arrived. After she was done, the MC said, “Who else would like to sing some Gloria Estefan? Who thinks they can sing it better?” I like a good challenge and let’s be honest, she has some great tunes. I sing an entertaining rendition of 1,2,3 (what I don’t have in voice, I make up with groovy moves and not taking myself too seriously.) After I’m done, the MC has me stay and brings the other girl up for a clap off. I win that with flying colors and then hear “Michelle is the winner! She gets to sing in our finale performance on Saturday Night!” (Insert record scratch) Huh? I missed that part. I thought this was just a friendly Gloria competition and it was really a crowd sourced group audition. So. For the rest of the cruise I got to attend costume and wig fittings, practices and sweat feasts as I look at how many people fit in that auditorium. Including three rows of my Aunts, Uncles and Cousins. My brother won the Ricky Martin competition by the way. Well, there you go. One time I accidentally played a very white, a very uncoordinated Gloria Estefan on a cruise ship for hundreds of people! Turns out the “Rhythm is Gonna Get Ya” for reals. Should you need further proof, I have it on DVD and will gladly have a viewing for $100 a head.

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