Don't Look Back, You're Not Going That Way

Some days it’s easy to sit and catalogue all of my faults and all of my mistakes. If I allow my brain to go down the path, I can get myself in a dither. It happened last week. A rough day led to a pity party and a my weaknesses having a dance off in my head. It was so bad I couldn’t sleep.

Here’s what I believe. I believe we’re all human and making mistakes and having weaknesses is part of this human experience. They can teach us amazing things. And while I know they are a part of life, part of the journey is putting them in their place and not letting them hold you back. Learn and grow. Don’t dwell.

The very next day, after my long sleepless night I received this in the mail from my friend Melanie. One of the brilliant minds behind Hip to Home. How timely.

Our past can teach us, but we can’t move forward if we dwell there.

To the future.

Don't look back Hip To Home

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