Mr. Wonderful – That Time I Was ALMOST on Oprah

Before Ryan Gosling “Hey Girl” memes, there was the Mr. Wonderful doll.  Today, I remembered the time I was almost on Oprah.

Written: 1/27/2004

Dear Oprah,

A few weeks ago, I was sitting in church & the teacher brought
a toy to illustrate one of her points. She brought a Mr. Wonderful doll.
It’s a good looking stuffed fellow and when you touch his hand, he says things like,
“Honey, you’ve had a long day, let me rub your feet.”

“Why don’t we lie down and just cuddle.”

“Let me do the dishes for you.” (The one that received the biggest laugh)

“I don’t know where I am, I’m going to stop & ask for directions.”

Other wives laughed & commented that their husbands
had never said things like that. I sat there & smiled – I have heard my
husband say EACH of them and more. He is the most loving husband
I have ever met. He sends me flowers & frequently leaves me the perfect
little gift on my pillow, but he’s not what I call a “seasonal romantic”.
I’ve dated & heard of men that gush over their wives on anniversaries &
Valentine’s day, or I hear women share the “one cute story”, but then the
rest of the year they show very little affection. My husband makes
me feel like EVERY day is Valentines Day. He sends me cute text messages,
like the one that he sent me yesterday that said, “I love you. You are a
wonderful wife.” Last night he came up to me while I was doing the dishes &
he  actually said, “You’ve had a long day, I’ll take care of this.” My husband leaves
me notes on the fridge, sends me emails while I’m at work. More than that,
his actions every day, let me know that the cares about me & our marriage.
He takes a genuine interest in my day & listens as I talk about work. He
shares the responsibilities in our home. He empties the dishwasher every
day, WITHOUT being asked. He vacuums twice a week because he likes it. He
takes me on a date at least once a week. He opens doors & carries things
for me. He’s a full time student, & we don’t have lots of money, but
romance is more than gifts, it’s action, & every day, I know that my
husband loves me. I know he’s not perfect, but he’s perfect for me.

He’s my, Mr. Wonderful.

After I submitted this online, I got a response:

can you please email a couple pictures of the two of you back to me at this
address ASAP?   We’ll let you know if we are able to include you.  Thank

Awesome, right? I DID respond, but I never heard back.

Wasn’t meant to be.  But it was fun to revisit today…

– Michelle


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