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Provo, UTAH – Utah speakers, authors and experts are joining together this week in an attempt to break a world record.  This Thursday-Saturday, March 17-19th, co-hosts Michelle McCullough, Dr. Paul Jenkins, Dr. Russ Gaede, Kimberly Giles and Don Hudson will be sharing messages of hope for sixty hours (yes, you read that right, SIXTY HOURS) during the first ever World Hopecast.

“I wanted to create hope and positivity to show that the world is not all doom and misery.  While were at it, we thought it would be fun to attempt to break a Guinness world record,” says, Dr. Russ Gaede, the brainchild behind the world record attempt and the one who brought all the co-hosts together.

Co-Host and coach Kim Giles says, “Hope is hard to come by these days. Lots of people are discouraged and depressed. We just wanted to do something about that – bringing some messages of positivity and inspiration to those that are struggling.”

Someone gets divorced every 12 seconds. In the time it took you to read to this point, three couples have filed for divorce.  According to, a suicide occurs every 40 seconds, world wide.  That’s one, in the time it took to read this far.  It’s time to change that.  “Instead of news programs filled will all the crime, death and despair, we’re going to share 60 hours – 3,600 minutes – of hope and inspiration.  It’s time to reverse these statistics,” explains co-host and speaker Michelle McCullough.

Co-host and psychologist Dr. Paul Jenkins says, “In a world filled with negativity and fear, the World Hopecast offers positivity and perspective. As a psychologist I see a lot of despair which sometimes leads to self-destructive behavior and even suicide, the research shows that a lack of hope is one of the primary risk factors for suicide. That’s why were doing this. Instilling hope literally saves lives.”

“The world record attempt is to create a little more buzz and attention for something that needs to happen anyway,” Dr. Jenkins continues, “It takes a lot of coordination, but it’s worth it!” With 84 interview expert guests, about 100 volunteers including timers, stewards and runners – there are a lot of moving pieces – and a lot of excitement.

Messages of hope and positivity are coming from guests all over the world.  In addition to a number of Utah based interviewees, there are guests from California, Texas, New York and even India!  Top guests include Jason Hewlett, Lisa Steadman, Pegine, Sydne Jacques, Harbeen Arora, Jeff Olsen and more.

“My entire career (26 years) I have shared information with people. To me, being part of the World Hopecast is an opportunity to share information that is much more valuable and so important and pertinent in today’s world,” shares co-host and ABC 4 Anchor Don Hudson.
Hudson continues, “I see so many who are just “getting by” and who lack the knowledge, the motivation and the direction they need to live a more hopeful life. And I believe this effort can be extremely helpful to so many.”

Provo, Utah has been the home of a few recent world record attempts.  In fall of 2014, Provo broke the world record for the largest Scavenger Hunt.  Then in December of 2014, Provo broke the world record for the largest nativity scene.  If successful, The World Hopecast will be added to the list.

Those interested in viewing or being a volunteer in The World Hopecast can go to

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