Super Bowl 2015 Commercials – Top Picks from Two Folks Who Don't Care Who Wins The "Big Game"

It’s been a sporty week here.  Yesterday, LeBron James followed me on Twitter.  Sunday was the Super Bowl.  If I’m being honest, I didn’t know who was playing against the Seahawks until the week before.   I don’t care who wins but have recorded the game every year to fast forward to the commercials.  (Grateful for YouTube – now I don’t even have to record the game!)  As a marketing junkie, I love to see the best (and the worst) money can buy.

My husband, an advertising enthusiast and Public Relations graduate always sends a post-Super Bowl commentary via email to family and friends.  This year, I felt like his comments and selections were spot on so I’m giving him a spotlight on the world wide web.

The comments following are both witty and direct.  The words are his. I take no credit for his humor or vocabulary.

Here he goes:

As most of you know by now, I watch the Super Bowl primarily for the commercials.  I figure if they’re going to spend millions, we can at least laugh at them (pun intended).  Below are my favorites and/or the most notable for 2015.  Please enjoy responsibly.
—  BMW knocked it out of the park!  Yes, I know that’s a baseball reference and these are football commercials, but you get my point.  Watch Here (Michelle’s 2015 Pick)

—  Esurance certainly drove home their point using Lindsay Lohan in their “Sorta Like You” ad series.  It was funny and well executed.  I must say that Ms. Lohan’s face looks atrocious, but then again they do admit that she is “high-mileage.”  Watch Here

—  Nationwide immediately came under heavy fire for their commercial featuring dead kids.  They quickly explained that they were trying to start a conversation, not sell insurance.  I wonder if it was worth the $6.75M they paid for it.  As a PR grad, I simply cannot believe it ever made it on the air:  Watch Here.  That unfortunately overshadowed their other $6.75M ad spot, which was actually quite good:  > This link has since broken and we can’t find the Mindy Kaling commercial WITH Matt Damon anywhere.  Is it gone?

—  Snickers certainly satisfied with this one.  Nostalgia + Funny is hard to beat.  Watch here

—  Leave it to the Italians, who proudly gave us the classiest penis joke of the year.  And yes, I realize that’s an oxymoron.  Europeans…  Watch here

—  As a frequent flyer, I found this one hilarious. Oh, so clever:  Watch here

—  Mercedes-Benz turned out another solid ad this year:  Watch here  However, As a die-hard Mercedes buff (yes, that’s my email address) I wish they would occasionally do another ad like this one, perhaps the most powerful commercial they’ve ever made: Watch here

—  So, in an effort to distinguish the new “bolder” Camry from the blandness of all the previous Camrys, they decided to make a tear-jerker for the Super Bowl?  Does crying in your bean dip equal boldness?  Watch here  I still think the best Camry commercial was 3 years ago:  Watch here

—  Budweiser: “Our beer is not for the thinking, discerning types.  Our beer is for getting drunk and not caring what it tastes like.”  I guess they know their target market:  Watch here

—  I don’t care who you are, watching people get hit on the head and fall down is always funny.  Watch here

—  Carnival Cruise Lines actually titled this commercial “Come Back to the Sea.”  Did anyone else catch the desperation here?  “Yes, we know our ships stink and even sometimes sink, but come back, come back… please come back:  Watch here

—  I found this one very clever.  Who knew that a vegetable (or a fruit, depending on who you believe) from another country had a $9M advertising budget?  That’s a lot of pesos:  Watch here

—  Very clever and amazingly simple to produce (just some text and a couple animal videos).  Hats off to Sprint:  Watch here

—  McDonald’s showed sheer advertising brilliance here.  However, in my opinion, if you truly want to show your family you love them, don’t eat at McDonald’s.  Watch here

Thanks for reading and watching til the end!

Carry on to your next find on the internet…



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