Make It Happen – 17 Practices for Peak Performance

What could you accomplish if you had no limits? We personally build most of the fences that pen us in and keep us from success. Find out how to recognize and remove the thoughts and behaviors that hold you back, and then watch as you open yourself up to a new world of possibility.

If the only way to get results is to commit to change, then the only way you can truly change is by accepting responsibility for your actions. Take the first step to put yourself in the driver’s seat of your life.

Too many people don’t chase their dreams because they don’t feel ready, or are waiting for permission to go after them. Circumstances will never be perfect. You will never eliminate all your fears and doubts. You won’t always have a cheering section. Even so, when you learn to act on your dreams, you find the power to move forward was within you the whole time.

Is there something you were born to do? Are you doing it? Getting clear on what you want to accomplish in life is important, but figuring out why you want to do it will change everything.

The planning process comes easily for some, while others continuously struggle with it. No matter where you fall on the spectrum, these four simple practices will help you chart your daily and long-range course.

There are pitfalls and time traps all along the road to productivity. Learn to identify a few of them, and find out how to keep yourself from falling victim so you can make more things happen on a consistent basis.

In the hustle and bustle of getting things done, it’s easy to feel overworked and constantly in a rush. What is success if you pay for it by sacrificing your sense of inner peace? A few simple changes to your daily routine can help you keep your sanity while maintaining your levels of productivity.

The true secret to success is to never stop trying. Many of the historical “greats” faced countless failures before they ever knew triumph. The trick lies in knowing how to learn from failure so it pushes you closer to achieving your goals.

When you base your happiness on things that come and go, the joy of the moment never lasts long. Trips, promotions, houses, cars, or even current circumstances are often temporary and fleeting. There are reasons to be happy all around you every day, if you simply learn to recognize them.

Being flexible in the business world is about more than simply going with the flow. If you want to stay at the top of your game, you must constantly change with times. That means learning to incorporate continuing education into your routine and scheduling ways to keep current with technology, innovations, and trends, without letting it affect your productivity.

People Centric
No matter what industry your job focuses on, you’re in the people business. The way you treat others, and the way you respond to how they treat you, can make or break your company. This code of conduct will guide you into positive interactions that will impact your life and work in uplifting ways.

Power Team
People need people. This is just as true in the business world as it is in your personal life. When you learn to recognize the three levels of support, you can identify the types of doers, champions, and guides you have on your side, and begin to fill areas where you may need more bolstering.

Do you know how to ask for help or delegate a task effectively, or does your communication sometimes fall flat? This simple four step formula will help you clearly convey your message so you can enlist the help you need to get the job done.

We typically think of pride as being a bad thing, but there are really two different kinds of pride—cockiness and confidence. Someone who is prideful thinks they are better than others, but someone who has pride is sure of their abilities and takes ownership of their work. Developing positive pride will help you become a peak performer.

Physical Health
If you’re a solopreneur or small business owner, your company doesn’t work if you don’t. So taking care of your health isn’t just a luxury, it’s a necessity. When you take time to implement some simple daily routines (hint: it’s about more than just hitting the gym), you will find yourself feeling better and accomplishing more.

All work and no play makes Jack a burned out boy. If you eat, sleep, and drink your career, maybe it’s time you made room for some fun in your world. The fact is, you don’t have to choose between a thriving career and a meaningful personal life. You can have both when you learn how to make use of a little life prioritization.

Plastic Bag Principle
Sometimes life’s journey is messy. We each get bumped and bruised along the way, and every time it happens, we add something else to the baggage we all carry with us. You can choose to let your baggage hold you back, or you can make it part of your story and use it to propel you on to success.

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Michelle McCullough HeadshotBestselling author, Michelle McCullough is the Managing Director of Startup Princess and is a sought after business strategist and speaker. She’s the creator of “The Marketing Playbook” a digital marketing planning tool for entrepreneurs and small businesses. She’s been featured in numerous media outlets including and featured in the 40 under 40.  She’s also the host of a weekly radio show.  As a mother of two young children she knows there’s no time to mess around.  It’s time to Make It Happen.   (Michelle’s motivational book “Make It Happen – The Success Practices for Peak Performers” will be out in early 2015.  Sign up for the Make It Happen Toolkit and you’ll be first to hear about it’s release!)




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