Birthdays Around Christmas Time




BOTH of my kids have birthdays really close to Christmas.  My first child has a birthday a week into January and my second child has a birthday 4 days before Christmas.  I vowed I would never have kids so close to Christmas, then I had 2 without even trying!

Today as I looked around my home in preparation for my daughter’s 2nd birthday party, I saw Christmas everywhere and wondered if she would love having Christmas decorations in her birthday pictures year after year. I wanted to do something that made it look like a birthday party and not a Christmas party.  I thought about putting all the Christmas decorations away for one day and then the thought came to me, “A birthday tree!”

I took off the Christmas ribbon.  I had some birthday stickers in my scrapbooking supplies and made some ornaments out of paper.  Then I took crepe paper and wrapped it around the tree.  Simple, but perfect.  We took pictures of the birthday girl in front of the tree, and everyone who came to the party thought it was clever.  I was quite proud.  I didn’t even steal the idea from Pinterest, but you better believe I’m going to post it.  🙂

I know it didn’t cost much, and I could have done more, but my hope is that my daughter will see this pictures one day and know that I tried to make her day extra special.

Now, for those of you who are reading this post all worked up that this has nothing to do with speaking, business or success, I can probably apply it…

Sometimes it’s not about doing something big.  It’s about using resources you already have and doing something little that could make a big difference.

Merry Christmas or Happy Birthday or whatever!

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