My First, Live, Solo Event – October 20th, 2011

I’m feeling super excited and super vulnerable today (how’s that for open disclosure?).  My first, live, solo event is coming up in less than 3 weeks.

Do you ever feel overwhelmed?  Unfulfilled?  Out of balance?  At the end of your day do you wonder where all that time went?  Have a list of to-dos that seems to get longer instead of shorter?  Have you tried to “balance” your life, but easily slip back into old routines?

You aren’t alone! I’ve been coaching small business owners for the last 3 years.  I discovered that when there is a problem at the office, there’s usually a personal problem as well.  Especially for women.  They’re trying to balance growing a business and raising a family or have a satisfying personal life and wondering, “What’s the secret?  Other people seem to have it all, why can’t I?”

Then it happened to me.  In January of 2010 I was running 3 businesses, heavily involved in my church service, and I had just had my second child.  I was trying to balance having a toddler and a newborn, maintain a happy marriage, keep my businesses afloat and still have time for service and myself.  I kept looking around at other successful women entrepreneurs who seemed to have it all together and I went in search of what they had.   Frankly, things got worse.  Then through trial and error and honestly trying every life balance and time management program on the planet, I still felt like something was missing.  I realized life balance is a myth and I decided I needed to create a program that did a better job of focusing on my most important roles and responsibilities.

I created the Life Priority System.  When I share this with clients and friends they love me for it and I’m dying to share it with you.  I’ve created this event to help you manage your life’s work.  You’ll also learn how to get your loved ones on board with your dreams!  Whether you’re a full-time parent, a full-time entrepreneur, a full-time employee or some mix of the above, my system is designed to help you to bring greater meaning to the things most important to you.

I share these secrets with my coaching and business clients for hundreds of dollars, but in this introductory workshop, I’m sharing my best stuff for $25.  It’s NOT introductory in content.  It’s introductory in price and offering to you.   And really, what is your life worth?  How much would you spend to learn tools that can bring you happiness and fulfillment?

In addition to rich content, you’ll receive the Life Balance Myth Workshop workbook, and additional conference materials.  I want you to have the tools you need to be successful when you leave so I’m pulling out all the stops and putting my best stuff in the materials.

AND, the first 30 people who register by Friday, October 7th will receive a 10 page Joy Journal starter kit (both in print and in digital format).

AND, if you’re not completely satisfied with the content and tools I share, I’ll give you your money back, no questions asked.  Simply see me or one of my event staff members at the end of the event and we’ll refund your money.

Reserve your spot and register today!

Event Details: Thursday, October 20th, 2011 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM

Tahitian Noni Visitors Center – Outrigger Conference Room (No, there will not be a network marketing presentation.  They offer meeting space available for community events and I like their location!)

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at  I welcome a conversation to discuss if this event is right for you.

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